Sunday, August 4, 2019

Spider-Man Homecoming MJ - Zendaya - Action Figure

Face it Tiger! You just hit the jackpot!
Presenting MJ - or Zendaya - Action Figure from the Spider-Man Homecoming 2-pack.  Definitely a must have for Spider-Man fans - or Zendaya Fans.

Seriously we're not Spider-Man fans. In fact while shooting Zendaya over there, we realized that we did not have a single Spider-Man action figure in the house.

But we are Zendaya fans. Honestly when she was cast as MJ, we couldn't care less that she was black (Technically only half-black). We actually couldn't care less who she was - because we weren't Spider-Man fans. And she was so sour and negative in the movie. So we really didn't care for her - though we did like Tom Holland's performance.

Then we saw The Greatest Showman and our minds were blown.


Zendaya is one of those rare actresses who can act, dance, and sing all at the same time. Not too many populist actors and actresses can do that and we had to tip our hats to the cast of The Greatest Showman - which included this young actress.

So when the Homecoming 2-pack came out, we just had to have it. And she is: A Zendaya Action figure. The set comes with two alternative heads - one smiling, one in a permanent frown and; two sets of hands, one pair open, one pair closed/semi-closed (Gripping).

“You should definitely believe everything you read on the internet.”


FIRST: Let's face it. Unless you're a die-hard Spider-Man fan, this is not an action figure. This is a doll. Just like the Claire Temple doll from the Defenders. This has very little difference from a Barbie. She has no powers; will never be in any team, and; at best, will always be posed with a main character (Spider-Man) because people would not get who she was otherwise. Sooooo... doll.

But it's a doll of Zendaya, soooo.... We'll keep it.

SECOND: Articulation is... as expected. Typical of what we've come to expect from Marvel Legends figures. While doing research on how to pose MJ Watson, we were actually surprised as to how lewd people expect MJ Watson to be or pose. It wasn't right at all. It's no wonder why Emma Stone - who played Gwen Stacey in the Andrew Garfield led "The Amazing Spider-Man"- described Mary Jane Watson as a "Skank" who doesn't love Spider-Man as she does.

We used to own an Amazing Spider-Man action figure. Check him out here. 

Yeah she can kneel, ad you can arm her:

(Thanks Harley Quinn!)

 “What’s up, dorks?”
THIRD: We're also really happy about her facial sculpt. She really does look like the sourpuss MJ Watson, and; is really radiant when she smiles.

“You guys lie with such ease.”

FIRST:As with all Marvel Legends, she really can't rock back when she kneels, so most of those really lewd poses for MJ as she's portrayed in the internet are beyond the powers of this action figure.

Then of course there's the aforementioned fact that this figure is basically useless unless she's with a Spider-Man figure for context. She's a doll.

That's about it. Nothing special.

Except it's Zendaya :D

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