Sunday, August 4, 2019

Spider-Man Homecoming MJ - Zendaya - Action Figure

Face it Tiger! You just hit the jackpot!
Presenting MJ - or Zendaya - Action Figure from the Spider-Man Homecoming 2-pack.  Definitely a must have for Spider-Man fans - or Zendaya Fans.

Seriously we're not Spider-Man fans. In fact while shooting Zendaya over there, we realized that we did not have a single Spider-Man action figure in the house.

But we are Zendaya fans. Honestly when she was cast as MJ, we couldn't care less that she was black (Technically only half-black). We actually couldn't care less who she was - because we weren't Spider-Man fans. And she was so sour and negative in the movie. So we really didn't care for her - though we did like Tom Holland's performance.

Then we saw The Greatest Showman and our minds were blown.


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