Wednesday, June 5, 2019

GI Joe - Marauder/Valkyrie Custom Dial-Tone

GI Joe - Marauder/Valkyrie Custom Dial-Tone
Yes, I used to be a man. 
To be perfectly honest we cannot explain why GI Joe's Dia-Tone - who was male in the comics and the original cartoons - became a woman. 

Though we do like the gender-bend. We cannot find how exactly the two are related. We have the original female Dial-tone released by Toys R US in the Desert Troop Builder five pack, but we weren't happy with her very "base"look.
So we made our own. 

Originally we started building her out of her Toys R Us version, but we weren't happy because she was just so... basic.

So we decided to look to Marauders/Valkyries, to create our female fighting communications officer.


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