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Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound
If you can't protect yourself, die and get out of the way of those who can.
The Transformers Siege Hound is the Hound that we want, and the Hound that we deserve.

In 2008 HasTak released  what we then thought was the "perfect"version of Hound - and to be fair in some aspects that we will get into later, it is better than the Siege version - but that version can be classed as.... cartoony. The Siege version has this "War-Machine"appeal to it, and - even if we're not a fan of the "effects" that you can purchase with the rest of the Siege line.

If we're right this is the first of the Transformers toys to precede the video game that it is based upon. We wonder if that's a software development deadline problem or if the developers were simply afraid that the third installment of the Transformers War for Cybertron trilogy would be a flop.


The blister card of the Transformers Siege: War for Cybetron Hound's blister card reads... well it doesn't say anything about the character, other than he comes armed with a W-5 Holo-Beam Refraction Blaster, and a RT-10 IT Electro-Scope Launcher that can be combined to form a HD Vector-Beam Mega Blaster, and; that Hound comes with mumtiple C.O.M.B.A.T (Cybertronian Omnifuctional Modular Battlefield Assault Tech) weapon hard-points that will allow you to mount his weapons - and other weapons - on various parts of his body.

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound
Man's got to have a code

FIRST:  Damn he's good looking! We had a dog once that knew he looked good and strutted around like he owned the place. The Siege Hound has that same appeal.

He's rough, he's tough and he's covered in hardpoints that can make him tougher. He looks bred and made for war. Everything seems to have a purpose. Everything is covered in armor. And Hound even has the livery indicating that he was bred for war.

Hastak didn't bother to modify his blue-eyed blocky head. 

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound

SECOND:  Siege War Hound's articulation is excellent and we're particularly fond of the wrist twists that he has. Hounds hands don't fold into his arms so there is no folding action, Hastak was nice enough not to freeze his wrists in place and instead allow them to rotate.

We're particularly fond of the way he struts:

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound

At this point we should note that he does lose a little head articulation if you were to mount any of his guns onto either shoulder (He also can't look in that direction, not a very wise weapons system).

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound
Hate is good as any to keep a person going, better then most.

Still pretty cool. You can even combine both weapons on one shoulder - or have two weapons on two shoulders. THIRD: We're fond of his stickers. We love them. They might not even be stickers. We're pretty sure some of them were painted on. FOURTH Notice how rough Hound's edges are? We're not sure if Hastak meant to give him "battle damage"and he doesn't in the usual meaning of the term, but he does have that war-torn feel about him.

And yes, Hound can kneel. Check out his torso twist. Also featured here is a long rifle built from his guns.

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound

See that foot/ankle cant? Beautiful! Note that he can hold the rifle with both hands despite the size of his chest.

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron HoundTransformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound
Any man dies with a clean sword, I'll rape his f**king corpse!

FIRST:  Just one thing: What the hell does he transform into?

It looks like a jeep. A humvee maybe without its top? Whatever it is it is well made, BUT butt ugly. We really don't see the appeal of SIEGE Hound's alternate mode. We are certainly not keeping him in that mode - and will probably never transform him again so we can forget it exists.

It was a fun transform though. We thought it would be simple, but it's not. And unlike other figures, there really isn't much in terms of empty space on this figure.

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound

The Transformers Siege War for Cybetron Hound is available for US$ 23.99 on Amazon (Roughly PhP 1,270 plus shipping).

Worth it!

Transformers Siege War for Cybertron Hound
F**k the Kingsguard. F**k the city. F**k the King

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