Saturday, November 3, 2018

Favorite Halloween Cosplays of 2018

Halloween came and went and we couldn't help but be amazed by all the celebrities and models who dressed for the season. They get better and more glamorous with each year. So we thought we'd come up with a list of our favorites as gleamed off of Instagram. We initially started with 5, which grew to 10, which ended at 15. These are in no particular order - though we did save our favorite for last.

1) First up is Jinxkittiecosplay - AKA Kelsey Atkins, a 5'2 Slytheryn from the House Targaryen of South Africa and she went with a gender-bent Pennywise this season:


2) The Newsroom's Sloan Sabbith - AKA Olivia Munn - partied this year as Ali Wong from the Netflix comedy Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife. 

3) Kinda hard not to love KatyaEliseHenry's version of Velma Dinkley. She's definitely welcome to our Halloween Party, but we 'd also love seeing her go - all for the wrong reasons. 

4) The camera always loves Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff, and while she may not quite fill out Margot Robbie's dimensions, she's definitely still lovely to look at 

5) Mir Cosplay gender bent Freddie Krueger this Halloween. I don't think anyone would mind her entering their dreams:

6) Model Linda Jean is known more for disrobing than anything else, but we have to admire the work that went into her Venom make-up. 

7) Another surprise came from the 2010 Ms. Philippines Water, retired model Emmerie Roettger, as she partied as the recently revived (via a syringe filled with adrenaline punched straight to her heart), Mia Wallace from the classic movie, Pulp Fiction. 

8) Ivy Cosplay calls this her "Día De Los Muertos Sugar Skull" and it is sweet! 

9) PinkSunStory AKA Aila Sim Yonzon went as an absolute classic that a lot of people simply will no longer recognize: Rainbow Brite! She's on this list for simply making our jaws drop.  And she's pretty cool! Do take the time to follow this hot mommy, wifey, booty-building geek who is always hungry.  

10) The one and only Rosario Dawson - and friend - make such a gruesome couple this Halloween. You gotta love that stare!

11) Zoey Lee AKA Hentai Hunny doesn't quite leave much to the imagination as the King of Fighter's Mai Shiranui

12) Known for her wonderful smile, model Essy Lee partied this Halloween as the very horny Maleficent. 

13) Belker Crafterfold is a cosplayer from Russia, and she knocks the Corpse Bride right out of the park!

14) We had a big crush on Serenity/Firefly's Kaylee Frye, and our hearts are still a'flutterin for Jewel Staite even if she's now dressed as Morticia Addams. 

15) But our hands-down favorite Halloween cosplayer for this 2018 is model Key Trajano who appeared as Darna for an event of ABS-CBN. 

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