Thursday, August 23, 2018

Marvel Legends Sabretooth - quick look

Marvel Legends Sabretooth
Your fancy claws can't cut what they can't hit.
An' your hotsy-totsy healing factor... won't save you... 

when I rip out your heart! 
This will be a quick look at the Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF Sabretooth. This is definitely not our first Sabretooth, but it is indeed our favorite! 

This particular Sabertooth stirs up memories of back when we first discovered the X-Men. This was the Wolverine antithesis who cut his way into the X-Mansion and nearly killed everyone in there during the Mutant Massacre only to be stopped by the timely arrival of Wolverine (Face it Psylocke, that was a running retreat. Nice try though).

Today he's more of an anti-hero, but he'll always be a classic X-Men villain to us. Their literal bogeyman.


Marvel Legends SabretoothAnd his latest Marvel Legend's incarnation certainly does not fail to deliver. His blister pack reads simply "A skilled assassin armed with sharp, beast-like fangs and claws, Sabretooth is a paid mercenary of evil." We wouldn't call him a skilled assassin. He's more of an apex predator who sometimes decides to be human.  

Sabretooth comes as a part of the Apocalypse BAF Marvel Legends Series and came with Apocalypse's Left Arm - which we'd already removed when we decided to shoot him. 

Anyway this was meant to be a short review so despite the fact that some - not all - of his parts are from the Marvel Legend Puck Series Sabretooth, we have to say that this is a vast improvement over that version. The changes of course include his fore-arms, the mane and of course his face...There was also a Toybiz version of this that came with articulated claws, but.... he always looked... dirty. 

Marvel Legends SabretoothMarvel Legends Sabretooth


You see a face growling at you like that? Start running! FAST!!!! 

Marvel Legends Sabretooth
Marvel Legends SabretoothMarvel Legends SabretoothMarvel Legends Sabretooth

We're particularly fond of how it appears that his lower jaw is segmented, so he can open up much wider and take a bite out of any victim's head.

Sabretooth's articulation is also excellent and he is one scary MOFO:

Then throw in Wolverine:

Not that Wolverine

Oh well:

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