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Marvel Legends Gwenpool

Marvel Legends Gwenpool
Welcome back to super hero world, Gwen! Hope you survive the experience! 
As far as incarnations of one of Marvel's most... twisted... characters, the Marvel Legends Gwenpool figure is pretty decent adaptation. But we're pretty sure it could be better.

We're not really fans of Gwenpool and she hasn't really entered into any of the comic books we read. What we do know is that she started out as a promotional effort for Spider-Gwen. Because Spider-Gwen was so popular, Marvel decided to release comic cover variants of Spider-Gwen imagined as different characters like Wolverine, Dr Strange and.... Deadpool.


Marvel Legends GwenpoolMarvel Legends GwenpoolMarvel was surprised by how many people started cosplaying as Spider-Gwen so they brought the character to life for real in the Marvel Universe.

Her blister pack reads: "A self-made hero from the so-called real world. Gwenpool possesses unrivaled knowledge of the comic book universe."

Today the Unbelievable Gwenpool remains one of the handful of Marvel Characters capable of breaking the "4th wall" between readers and the comic book world.

The Unbelievable Gwenpool action figure comes with:

  • A severely lacking in detail celphone
  • A penguin backpack/scabbard
  • A pair of katanas
  • A second head - with her tongue out.
  • Three pairs of hands:
    • One pair allows her to hold her celphone while doing a peace sign
    • One pair allows her to do a "heart" sign with her hands
    • One pair allows her to grip her swords.

Marvel Legends Gwenpool
Cyclops was wrong! Love yah all!

FIRST:  Her hands. We really enjoy the limited but unique hand gestures used by Gwenpool. They are great cultural reference and a unique reflection of today's society. We sincerely wish there was more.

SECOND:  Articulation for the Gwenpool is pretty decent - though it could be better. As you can see she can kneel. We love how poseable she is and we love how she can hold a sword in two hands.

On the negative side, it seems that gone are the days when Marvel Legends had double jointed forearms. Gwenpool's arm articulation would be better if she could further bend her forearms. 

Here's a look at her hands and fine articulation:

Marvel Legends Gwenpool
There's always time for a selfi
Marvel Legends Gwenpool
Marvel Legends GwenpoolMarvel Legends GwenpoolMarvel Legends GwenpoolMarvel Legends Gwenpool
Marvel Legends Gwenpool
Sweet Christmas!
Marvel Legends Gwenpool
I'm going to join the Avengers.

FIRST:  Aside from the missing double jointed forearms, we're not really big fans of the alternate head of Gwenpool. One just has her smiling, the other has her with her tongue out, but you can barely see it.

While we're definitely not looking for a Gwen Stacey head ala SpiderGwen, there's just something lacking about the alternate head. Sometimes we swear you can't tell the difference between the two.

SECOND: Marvel seems to be scrimping this year on accessories. A pair of guns would have been really great, and no-way does Gwenpool travel around without getting her butt sliced by her swords.

Marvel Legends GwenpoolMarvel Legends Gwenpool

So personally it's a bit of a "meh" figure - or maybe it's because we're not really fans of Spider-Man and Spider-Man's extended family.

The Marvel Legend Unbelievable Gwen Pool is available on Amazon for US$ 29.95 (Roughly PhP 1,587) plus shipping.

Marvel Legends Gwenpool
It's time for Gwenpool vs. Doctor Doom! Er, you know, the one that's a little less Bendis and a little more Kirby.

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