Sunday, November 12, 2017

Marvel Legends Female Loki

Marvel Legends Female Loki - A-Force SDCC set
"There are no men like me"
Somehow it is fitting that the Marvel Legends female version of the character the world is growing to love and hate at the same time - Loki, god of mischief - is very well made out of spare parts. 

This is the female Loki included in the Marvel Legends A-Force 2017 SDCC Exclusive box. To the uninitiated, following the events of Ragnarok in the comic books, Thor - thought dead - returns and rebuilds Asgard on Earth. Unlike the movie though he had to find all the reincarnated Asgardians, which in this case included a gender bent Loki.

Just like the movie version, the female Loki proved to be on no-one's side save his own, even joining the alliance of evil known as the Cabal. However towards the end of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign, Loki would stand and sacrifice his life in defense of Asagard. Her final words to Thor were "I'm sorry brother."

Proving in the end Loki was a hero at heart.

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