Monday, June 26, 2017

Transformers Takara Titans Return God Ginrai Part 1: Godbomber

Transformers Takara LG42 Titans Return Godbomber
Godbomber doesn't talk
Takara's Titans Return Godbomber is one of THE nicest non-3rd party upgrades you'll find in the market today. A must have. 

To the uninitiated, this is the Transformers Godbomber. He is the result of the "Bomber Project" and was created by humans who worked in a British Motors factory in Canada.

God Bomber was meant as an enhancement for the Transtector Super Ginrai - Optimus Prime -that would further increase his power and allow him to fly - who was getting his butt handed to him by the two Transtectors that formed Overlord.

Godbomber gained sentience when he somehow heard "The cry" in Super Ginrai's heart. Before that he was pretty much a drone.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Transformers G-Studio Ultra Maxmas Optimus Prime

Transformers G-Studio Ultra Maxmas Optimus Prime
Yeah I look good
The G-Studio Ultra Maxmas - Optimus Prime - Transformer is.... an acquired taste.... a very acquired taste.

So basically this is G-Studio's take on IDW comic's Optimus Prime. It's not the first take on this particular Optimus Prime that we've seen or is in our collection. If we're right it's the fourth right after the 30th Anniversary Transformers Generations Optimus Prime, Toyworld's Orion, and the SND-01 Primo Vitalis upgrade for the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime.


Batman - Adam West - has passed away

Adam West Batman 1966.jpg
By ABC Television - eBay front back, Public Domain, Link
The Batman many of us grew up with, Adam West, has sadly passed away.

@therealadamwest confirmed the death of Batman by tweeting "Our beloved AW passed away last night. He was the greatest. We'll miss him like crazy. We know you'll miss him too - West Family"

The cause of death seems to be Leukemia. Adam was 88 years old.

We at Dark Lord Dungeon offer our prayers to the family and to the soul of this great man who gave us countless hours of animated fight scenes, rope climbing, sliding down the Batpole, and for giving us the most ingenious and cool ways of getting around town.

We forgive him for donning board shorts and taking Batman surfing. In costume.

Thank you Adam West. Rest in Peace

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Transformers Takara Leo Prime

Transformers Takara Leo Prime
Bend before the ways of Heavy Metal! 
The  Takara Leo Prime is a regal, kingly, headmaster that sadly fails to be an inspiration in his alt modes.

If we understand his history correctly - which we really don't - this is the main protagonist of the comic book series Beast Wars: Uprising.

This is Lio Convoy, AKA Leo Prime, the Guardian of Order and keeper of the Energon Matrix. He becomes disillusioned with the new caste system of Cybertron and kicks off the Grand Uprising AKA the 4th Cybertronian War. Dubbed a terrorist, Leo Prime would battle the forces of the Builders - the descendants of the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Sometime towards the end of the war, he would sacrifice himself to defeat his arch nemesis, Galva Convoy, and would be rebuilt into the triple-changer you see here.

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