Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wonder Woman versus Wolverine - Alternate Ending

Bat-in-the-Sun finally released the alternate ending to the very controversial - and having watched it again this morning, quite violent and slightly disturbing - face off between Wonder Woman and Wolverine. Highlights include

  • Still not quite the ending we envisioned. Seriously we're no real fan of the Wolverine, but a volcano would not kill him. It would hurt the hell out of him, but since lava would just burn him and not incinerate him, he should be able to swim out. However, it lava would not result in the ending that Bat-in-the-Sun gave him either.
  • Expanded Xavier's Mansion sequence featuring Gambit, Rogue, Jean Grey, Morph and Deadpool. 

Rogue - Rachele Brooke Smith

Jean Grey - Amanda Lynn Shafer
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Storm - Ciera Foster

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