Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Shame or Glory - A Game of Thrones Commercial

Presenting Shame or Glory - A Game of Thrones Commercial. This is a must watch commercial - as in finish the whole 3.07 minutes, believe us, it's worth it. Highlights include:

  • The Mountain - Hafthor Julius Bjornsson - is one SCCAAARRRY.... Mountain.... of a man. But he's also incredibly funny in a gentle giant form of way.
  • Septa Unella - Hannah Waddingham - is indeed incredibly beautiful! It's a wonder how that beauty can be hidden by her character's robes. Holy Mother Earth indeed
But the scary part is that, til the end, it never occurred to us why exactly Septa Unella was harassing the poor shopper about. Through 80% of the commercial we were struggling to guess what he did wrong. And that actually reflects just how blind we were to certain purchases which we do everyday that seem so simple and banal, but actually have a huge impact on the environment.


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