Saturday, November 26, 2016

Marvel's New Mutants Storyboard teaser released

Welcome to a news report from about Marvel's New Mutants! To the uninitiated, yes, these are the junior X-Men - most of which would eventually become full fledged X-Men, two of whom would become Avengers. reports that both Marvel and 20th Century Fox have yet to officially announce the existence of the New Mutants film, but it reportedly will be directed by Josh Boone (The Fault in our Stars), and will be written by Bon, Knate Lee (Jackass), Scotte Neustadter (The Fault in our Stars, 500 Days of Summer) and Michael H Weber (The Fault in our Stars, 500 Days of Summer).

So. The Fault in our Stars meets Jackass. Personally that doesn't sound promising.


A 33 year old comic book
To the uninitiated, that's the Demon Bear which first made an appearance in New Mutants #3 (1983). But they did not really fight with the Demon Bear till New Mutants # 18 (Dani Moonstar versus the Demon Bear), #19 & 20. Issues 19 & 20 showcased the New Mutants versus the Demon Bear in defense of a near dead Dani Moonstar - who was saved by the timely arrival of the Morlock Healer, at the behest of their leader, Storm.

The Demon Bear would later be revealed to be a corrupted Animal Spirit, and currently Psylocke keeps it as a pet that she unleashes against those who would try to best her mentally.

Casting rumors are as follows:

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) for Wolfsbane, Rahne Sinclair.

Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch - heh, oh the irony) as Magik, Illyana Rasputin, sister of Colossus - though we think that the storyboard does not depict Magik thanks to the presence of Lockheed. There was a time that Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde, wielded the soulsword and armor of Magik. The girl in the storyboard is not a teleporter - which is Magik's primary mutant power - and is able to "leap" (walk) quite high into the air - which is a phasing  power of Shadowcat.

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Nat Wolff (Fault in our Stars) as Sam Guthrie, Cannonball.

Nat Wolff TIFF 2012.jpg
By Tabercil Uploaded by MyCanon - Nat WolffCC BY-SA 2.0Link
Marvel's the New Mutants is supposedly slated for release in 2018.

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