Monday, November 21, 2016

Marvel pokes fun at BvS - Uncanny X-Men Annual # 1

Hot off their high over the success of Dr Strange, Marvel took a swipe at DC's Batman vs Superman in their Uncanny X-Men Annual # 1. The second part of the annual showcases Domino who is assaulting a compound and comes across two guards talking about their latest kill:

Uncanny X-Men Annual # 1
Domino doesn't care about Martha. Uncanny X-Men Annual # 1

And that's what Domino thinks of that story.


Speaking of Life and Death, death has been good for Joshua "Josh" Foley, the X-Man best known for having a "did he or did he not?" with the Stepford Cuckoos. Death seems to have raised Elixir - who was once described as an Omega Level Mutant - out to his full potential. Not only is he raising the dead, and curing the M-Pox virus, he also killed Magneto, Sabertooth and M. 

Of course he brought them back to life.

To paraphrase Moira MacTagarrt "With great power in the X-Gene, comes certain insanity."

Uncanny X-Men Annual # 1
Elixir kills the X-Men

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