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Marvel Legends BAF Abomination

Marvel Legends BAF
Marvel Legends BAF Abomination
Presenting the Abomination from the Marvel Legends Build an Action Figure series of the same name. 

Emil Blonsky, or the Abomination, was created by Stan Lee ad Gil Kane in 1967 as an opponent for the Incredible Hulk.

Side note: Say what you want about the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie, we think Tim Roth was a wonderful Emil Blonsky.

The comic book Emil Blonsky however did not gain his powers via a gamma infused blood transfusion. Emil was a KGB agent sent to photograph equipment that was used in the creation of the Incredible Hulk. While doing this, he exposed himself to a large dose of Gamma radiation and transformed into the Abomination. 

He's been a foil for the Incredible Hulk and the other heroes of the Marvel Universe ever since - until the Red Hulk killed him


The Abomination was later ressurected by a cult called "The Order of the Shield."

Originally the Abomination had powers entirely similar to that of the Hulk - strength, enhanced durability, regeneration. Except the Abomination doesn't get stronger as he gets angrier - or hotter as the Red Hulk gets angrier - he's just supposedly twice as strong as the Hulk (So the longer they fight, the less his chance of winning as the Hulk's strength will eventually surpass his).

He also comes with gills.

To complete him you need to collect the following:

  • Captain America (Secret War) - Right Arm
  • Captain Britain - Left Arm
  • Wonder Man - Left Leg
  • Eel - Upper and Lower Torso
  • Scarlet Witch (Civil War) - Head
  • Iron Skull - Right Leg

Marvel Legends BAF
Marvel Legends BAF Abomination

FIRST: Damn he looks good. The Abomination comes with the penultimate definition of an armored carapace - down to all the scratches, warts, bumps, discoloration and other imperfections that makes the scaly armor of a beast like this so hideously beautiful.

Check out that picture of his back up top and note how much work must have gone into the making of the mold for the Abomination.

Then of course you also have those sharp deadly talons on his feet and hands, and the trademark cauliflower head.

This is somebody that would be great in the front of a charge. You definitely do not want to be standing in front of a charging Abomination - he looks scarier than the Hulk.

Marvel Legends BAF
Marvel Legends BAF Abomination
SECOND: While his articulation may not be the best in the world - given his size (Around 8.25") - he is incredibly stable. Also, the Abomination is only 6'8" tall, so scale wise, he's spot on.

Marvel Legends BAF
Marvel Legends BAF Abomination

And yes, he can kneel - yes the Abomination kneels (There was this time that he was this emotional wreck who did not want to be hurt by the Hulk)

Marvel Legends BAF
Marvel Legends BAF Abomination

FIRST: This might be specific to our BAF Abomination, but his right arm and head kept popping off during the shoot. We understand that certain BAF figures have similar problems.

SECOND: Well it's the Abomination. Not much or that iconic of a super-villain - unless you're really a Hulk fan - which we aren't.. So he really doesn't do much for us.

This particular Marvel Legends Abomination BAF was borrowed from a private collection. The set to assemble him is available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 119.99 (roughly PhP 5,880 plus shipping).

Marvel Legends BAF
Marvel Legends BAF Abomination

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