Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lucky Bonez (Bad Kitty Cosplay) now has a Youtube Channel

Welcome to a little news bit about one of our favorite Cosplayers, Bad Kitty Cosplay - Black Cat, who now goes by the name Lucky Bonez - which may or may be her real name - who now has her own shiny new YouTube Channel!

Her first video has her answering 20 questions about herself. Highlights include:

  • SHE LOVES HALO!!!! Which makes us love her even more.
  • She loves horror movies, which.... is a acquired taste, sorry.
  • She's been Cosplaying for around 8-10 years
  • Her favorite Cosplay character is not Black Cat (HUH!!!!????) It's Domino. Though she wishes she could Cosplay as a HALO Arbiter
  • She would eat Bacon and Eggs
  • She's in love with Steve Buscemi (And well she should be, the guy's a hero) 
  • She finds Salvador Dali "Trippy" - so do we.
If you want to ask her any questions, ask them on

Here are some of her latest Cosplays from her Instagram page:

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