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Hoshino - A Star Wars Fan FIlm

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Presenting: Hoshino, a Star Wars Fan film from Director Stephen Vitale, and writen/produced by Eric Carrasco. It stars the very beautiful Youtube star Anna Akana (You might remember her from the movie Ant-Man) as blind Jedi Master Ko Hoshino. The 7.02 minute YouTube video is soooo good, it almost brought a tear to our eyes when Master Hoshino finally ignites her blade at the end of the film.

It definitely left us wanting more, more, MORE!!!!


As mentioned, this YouTube fan-flick introduces introduces us to Jedi Master Ko Hoshino. The flick starts with Master Hoshino kneeling in an Endor-like forest while Imperial TIE-fighters screech overhead. Other than her cloak Master Hoshino is not dressed in traditional Jedi Robes, and she kneels to reveal the neatly packed components of her lightsaber. 

This, combined with the producer's description of the film: "The tale of blind Jedi Master Ko Hoshino and her journey to becoming one with the force."  more or less establishes that Master Hoshino is a survivor of Order 66 and has been flushed out of hiding.

It also implies that this is basically the start of a tragedy.

The story flashbacks to her time as a Jedi Padawan training under Jedi Master Jaan-Xu. Back then Hoshino displays impatience and bit of haughtiness with regard to the way Master Xu trains her. She hates that they spar with wooden swords, and hates how her master trains her to fight through the Force - sans senses. In essence she's like someone playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: It's no fun til you get you first lightsaber.

Master Xu warns her that the lighsaber may be light, but it carries weight.

So one night she decides to steal her Master's lighsaber because it's just so cool.She startles a cave full of Mynocks (?) and bats them away with her Xu's lightsaber. One Mynock comes straight at her face and she raises her blade to bat it away, but instead the Mynock pushes the blade into her eyes, blinding her.

In the present time, Master Hoshino shows her abilities in Force Telekinesis by very gently assembling her lightsaber - just in time because she is being stalked by Darth Oriax - who looks like a being which is either a part of a hive mind, or able to replicate himself.

Master Hoshino is so strong in the Force that she is very casually able to catch and hold a Sith Force user in the air with barely any effort on her part. She warns Oriax that she has friends coming to her aid, he retorts that his friends are closer and his other "selves" reveal themselves. 

Master Hoshino rises, dropping her cloak to reveal her non-jedi uniform, and lights her lightsaber. The words of her former Master echo in her mind "We are the guardians of Peace in the Galaxy. We defend and protect. We never attack."

The film ends there, with Master Ko Hoshino's last stand (?)

Star Wars Anna Akana
The last stand of Jedi Master Ko Hoshino
Look for future videos of Jedi Master Ko Hoshino on their:

Here are the behind the scenes of the Hoshino fan flick:

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