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Marvel Legends Cable

Marvel Legends
Cable: Just chillin
Presenting Nathan Summers, AKA Cable - son of Scott Summer (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (The Goblin Queen) - from the Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut BAF series.

The good news is that this is no longer based on the images of Rob Liefeld who co-created Cable in the 1990 along with Louise Simonson (However Nathan Summers was first created by Chris Claremont waaaay back in 1986). As such, we no longer have to suffer through the enormous shoulder-pads which were all the rave in the 1990s along with useless bits of armor that protect.... nothing.

This is Cable as he appears in the prologue of the AvX series called Avengers X-sanction which was written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Ed McGuinness. 

In Avengers X-sanction, Cable returns to take out the Avengers - having foreseen that the Avengers would kill Hope Summers in the coming AvX series. He successfully incapacitates Falcon, Captain America, Iron Man and the Red Hulk, but is interrupted by the arrival of Cyclops who tries to talk him down. Unfortunately the Avengers Spider-Man and Wolverine arrive and all hell breaks loose. Cable eventually loses but does succeed in planting the distrust between the Avengers and the X-Men. 

The Marvel Legends X-Men series Cable's blister pack reads: "A lifelong soldier, Cable perfected his fighting prowess when a technological virus suppressed his natural psychic abilities."

He comes armed with a pair of Liefeld inspired guns and a small ammunition belt. Personally we're still looking forward to a Marvel Legends version of Cable back when he was again leader of X-Force and came with a Forge made arm. 

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Cable

FIRST: We love his design. Cable is not as "bulky" as he is portrayed in Avengers X-Sanction, but he still looks great! Cable's chest armor comes complete with bullet dents, and his right arm comes complete with a Xavier logo scar (Tattoo?).

The beauty of his design continues to the nicely ringed left- cybernetic arm, and down his legs where his manufacturers created a plethora of unique pleats, creases and and straps to complicate his design.

Cable's shin armor also reflects bullet damage as well.

Here's a peak at Cable in Avengers X-Sanction taking on the Star Spangled Avenger

And here's old-man Cable as Marvel made him:

SECOND: Cable's leathery old and techno-organic infested face is just as detailed and we love how his eye seems to glow when it catches the light correctly:

THIRD: Cable's articulation is decent for something so bulky. It's not over the top great, but it'll do. Cable comes armed with a small sub-machine gun like weapon:

He also comes with a longer rifle that draws on an ammunition belt that's supposed to fire out of a slatted barrel - in the Rob Liefeld tradition. 

Or you can go crazy and have him wield both weapons at the same time. He's Cable after all. 

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Cable

And yes, he can kneel, but just like Captain Britain, he has some difficulty doing so because his shin armor prevents him from canting his feet forward.

Marvel Legends X-Men
Marvel Legends Cable
Marvel Legends X-Men
When did I last wash this shirt?

FIRST: We never really could figure out why that particular piece of armor seems so popular. HALO figures have them. What exactly are they for? They seem like particularly dangerous parts of your armor where you could bash your face on - and probably lose teeth in the process.

SECOND: Cable has some difficulty dual-wielding the rifle with two handles. It was quite a struggle to get both hands to hold them at the same time.

THIRD: Speaking of guns, Liefeld's vacuum cleaners really should be retired. Enough already! They look stupid!

The Marvel Legends Juggernaut BAF series Cable is available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 19.80 (Roughly PhP 950 plus shipping). This particular Wolverine was borrowed from a friend here in Fairview and set him back around PhP 1,200 (Roughly US$ 25)

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends Cable

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