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Sorceress Cassandra from the Scorpion King

Scorpion King
Sorceress Cassandra from the Scorpion King Action Figure
Presenting a Sorceress Cassandra action figure made by Jakks Pacific for the movie Scorpion King.

Waaaay back in 2002 when PayPal didn't exist, we took a risk on a company called Amazon to purchase an action figure from the United States. This was quite a risk for us because the first time we purchased something from Amazon it never arrived and at that time nobody put their credit card information on-line so there was the hassle of going out to make a bank-to-bank money transfer.

So we were really glad when a few months later Cassandra arrived.

Admittedly though we wanted it because we really loved the Scorpion King and we had a huge crush on Kelly Hu. Sooooo.... risk worth it.

When we first saw the Sorceress Cassandra of Scorpion King on Amazon, we were sold on the marketing pitch on the packaging that said that this particular action figure's facial sculpt was made based upon a laser scan of Kelly Hu's (X2, Martial Law) face.

She comes with a rolled up map of the desert region. The Scorpion King Sorceress Cassandra action figure's blister card read "Five thousand years ago, Mathayos, a skilled warrior, united the remaining tribes against an evil ruler determined to lay waste to all the nomadic peoples of the desert. This band of allies must battle against the visions of the Ruler's powerful Sorceress and find the strength for a final confrontation in the notorious city of Gomorrah.  Inspired by the legendary Egyptian warrior,experience the explosive energy and high-stakes excitement of the Scorpion King!"

Sorceress Cassandra from the Scorpion King Action Figure
What's NOT to like about the Scorpion King Sorceress Cassandra Action Figure?

FIRST: Let's get the big white elephant out of the room: Jakks Pacific's Sorceress Cassandra looks nothing like Kelly Hu. She looks nothing like Sorceress Casandra fro the Scorpion King. In fact even Kelly Hu seems to thing that.

Check out Kelly Hu's reply to out Instagram page here. #Starstruck #Crush

Which is sad.

But what can we expect from Jakks Pacific - the people who make all those wrestling figures that we don't collect because they don't look anything like their real life counterparts.

We're pretty sure that if Kelly Hu's face was laser scanned then the shape should be correct. The problem lies in the incredibly heavy make-up

The SECOND problem we have with this figure is that you can take her clothes off. Why would we need to do that? We enjoy the use of actual layered cloth in the design and creation of her outfit, but it comes across as bulky and we had to keep adjusting it throughout the shoot because it was loose fitting. We could remove it, but she's anatomically a Barbie doll, so what's the point?

Sorceress Cassandra from the Scorpion King Action Figure
The THIRD and last thing wrong with this figure is a lack of a support system to keep her upright. She has no stand, no platform, no foot peg to help her up. Not that she won't stand on her own, she can do that, but for long term display, you'd need a third party stand to keep her upright - or have her lean against something.

Sorceress Cassandra from the Scorpion King Action Figure
What's to like about the Scorpion King Sorceress Cassandra Action Figure?

FIRST: If you can look beyond the thicker use of appendages to give her greater articulation, her overall articulation is not bad. Quite good for a figure from 2002.

The Sorceress Cassandra from the Scorpion King wasn't much of a mover, so the articulation that she does have is just right.

And yes, she can kneel if she has to.

SECOND: Her costume is actually spot on with the movie. It's quite nice - except for the part where it can be removed.

The Sorceress Cassandra Action Figure from the Scorpion King is no longer available on Amazon. We did find some on Ebay that sell from between $20 and $50. (Roughly PhP 940 to PhP 2, 350). We guess it depends upon how much of a fan of the Scorpion King you are.

Also we think this is also technically more of a doll than an action figure. Girls would love being able to take her clothes off and giving her something else to wear.

Still love Kelly Hu - she rocks!

Sorceress Cassandra from the Scorpion King  Action Figure

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