Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale: Jon Snow is not a bastard anymore.(SPOILERS)

There's a new "Hand" in town
Game of Thrones Season 6's Finale The Winds of Winter has finally aired and the biggest reveal that we watched is that Jon Snow (Kit Harrington, Pompeii) is not a bastard! At least he's not Ned Stark's bastard.

Seriously people should not go around - especially in public gatherings - calling someone a bastard, especially while addressing them.

In this case it came from a little ten year old girl - Lady Lyanna Mormont (Actress Bella Ramsey - Everyone's favorite character now.... next to the Cane Corso that ate Ramsay Bolton) - who addressed the Northern council by saying "I don't care if he's a bastard! He's my King!"  In one step she basically slaps him in the face then raises him up high.

It's just rude.

Check out our thoughts about the Battle of the Bastards here.

All in all those I have to say that this is so far the best season of Game of Thrones given the fact that major moves have been made; the board is being cleared, and; some really deserving evil characters have finally had their comeuppance.

It definitely has me watering at the mouth for Season 7.

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