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DC Justice Society of America Hawkgirl

DC Justice Society of America Hawkgirl
Presenting Hawkgirl from the DC Direct Justice Society of America toyline.

To the uninitiated, this is Shiera Sanders Hall occupying the body of Kendra Saunders - a distant relation of hers who committed suicide and whose body was taken over by Shiera Sanders' soul. We're a bit more fuzzy with the history of the Justice Society especially since DC keeps killing them or relegating them to be so unimportant they were all once exiled into "Limbo" where they would fight for an eternity to keep Ragnarok from Earth.

Anyway, in essence this is still the Golden Age Hawkgirl - the one who has lived several lifetimes as she keeps getting reincarnated with her partner Carter Hall (In the comic books, their reincarnations have nothing to do with Vandal Savage).

We first encountered Hawkman and Hawkgirl all the way back when they were members of the much forgotten All-Star Squadron - we loved that team and hope that DC will one day remember that they existed. Later retcons would bring them both into the Justice Society of America instead. During this period Hawkgirl and Hawkman had a son, Hector Hall who would go on to become Doctor Fate.

Later the Hawks would become members of the Justice League of America.

Released in 2007, the DC JSA Hawkgirl's blister pack reads "Orphaned as a young girl and barely surviving a troubled youth, Kendra Saunders' life was turned around when she was taken in by her grand-father, Speed Saunders. Trained to be the new Hawkgirl, Kendra has been reincarnated hundreds of times to be be with her true love Hawkman. Unfortunately, this time, she has no recollection of her past lives."

DC's Animated series grants Hawkgirl a morning-star as her primary weapon. This JSA action-figure incarnation of hers provides her with a really wicked three chain military flail. the DC Justice Society of America Hawkgirl also comes with detachable wings.

DC Justice Society of America Hawkgirl
What's to like about the DC Justice Society of America Hawkgirl?

FIRST: Hawkgirl's helmet comes off! And she's pretty decent looking inside. We actually love the fact that it wasn't clear that you could remove Hawkgirl's helmet when she was in her package - it's not even listed anywhere on the package.

If we're right, this is also the ONLY DC Direct figure of Hawkgirl with the ability to remove her helmet.

It's a very nice touch that we really appreciate because.... well masks can be so bland sometimes. It's nice to be able to see who is wearing the mask.

Not that she looks horrible with the mask on:


SECOND: DC Put a lot of work into detailing the DC JSA Hawkgirl. And we're not just talking about the effort that went into her wings - which, by the way (Given how top heavy the wings make her), also help her to stand (Her wings are so big and long that they touch the ground, acting as additional legs). Also check out the work that went into her arm wraps, her abs, her belt, and that beautiful military flail - which you can use by the way - it kinda hurts.

What's NOT to like about the DC Justice Society of America Hawkgirl?

FIRST: The 6.25" Hawkgirl action figure is from DC Direct.... so she barely moves. SECONDAnd what little movement she has - in our case - was hampered by excess flash that we had to clean up - you can even see some of the uncleaned flash running up her arms in the picture to the left.

Another production quirk would be her belt. It keeps moving up off her waist and ends up awkwardly hanging on top of her tummy when you move her legs. It should be where belts are which is right above her pants. It has to be stretched a bit to get there, and once it's there, you realize that the belt is there to emphasize the space in between her thighs as there is this tiny amount of flesh teasingly calling out under the belt.


Another production quirk is that the flail is fragile. Well made, but fragile. We have had to glue the shaft to the little loop that holds the chains together more than once.

The last production quirk is that the internet is abuzz with production complaints about her wings. Some people have broken the tiny nubs that you have to push into the holes in her back to attach the wings. We've even seen a complaint where the nubs are missing entirely.

Guess we got lucky.

The DC Justice Society of America Hawkgirl is available on Amazon for US$ 38.35 (Roughly PhP 1,802.45 plus shipping)

Still she's a lovely figure to have... just standing there in a corner.

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