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Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool
Presenting the Merc with a Mouth Deadpool from the Marvel Universe Super Hero Team X-Force three pack.

While Wade Winston Wilson AKA Deadpool is only a self-proclaimed X-Man, When X-Men's leaders - specifically Cyclops and Wolverine - deemed the need for covert-assassin squad - X-Force - Deadpool was not considered for the team

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The squad that was meant to end - literally - all threats to mutant-kind consisted of team members who were designed to kill, but really weren't killers at heart. So eventually the team was disbanded. Wolverine however saw the need for X-Force and formed a new team without Cyclops' knowledge. That team led by Wolverine included Psylocke, Archangel, Dr. Nemesis, Fantomex and finally, Deadpool - all members who had no problem with killing and have killed in the past.

The funny part about the Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool is that he comes in a 3-pack that includes Wolverine and Thunderbird. Deadpool was not a member of X-Force when Thunderbird was a member of X-Force.

Deadpool's service as a member of X-Force was brought to us by Rick Remender (The Iron Giant, Punisher) who also introduced a very philosophical side of Deadpool as he was the one who helped preserve the humanity of Evan - Kid Apocalypse.

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool
What's to like about the Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool?

FIRST:  It's Deadpool. Nuff said. The Marvel Universe Super Hero Team Packs X Force Deadpool is a repaint of the Wolverine Origins Deadpool but comes with a new set of scabbards for his swords and drops the AK-47 and a sai.

We're particularly fond of the way the Marvel/Disney bothered to enter the latex detailing into Deadpool - particularly in his mask area. It definitely gives Deadpool a very menacing look.

SECOND:  The Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool comes with incredible articulation which provides for some really nice swordplay - yes he can dual wield his swords:

Then throw in a support stand:

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool

One of the drawbacks about the Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool is that Marvel stripped this version of his other weapons, so give him some:

Of course Deadpool works best with as many weapons as possible:

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool
Then bring the stand back in:

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool
What's NOT to like about the Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool?

FIRST The only thing we really don't like about the Marvel Universe X-Force Deapool is that Marvel has yet to complete the collection - and... well X-Force is no more (as of this writing).

It would have been nice to see the Wolverine led covert team complete in 3.75" glory.

That and the aforementioned stripping down of weapons and the fact that he's in a three pack with Warpath when the two never actually served together on X-Force.

Maybe one day he'll actually make X-Man. I mean if Steve Rogers thinks he's good enough to be an Avenger - though that' more likely because Disney/Marvel Studios will probably bring Deadpool into a future crossover with the movie Avengers (You can feel the need).

The Marvel Universe Super Team X-Force three pack including Wolverine, Deadpool and Thunderbird is available on Amazon for US$ 49.95 (Roughly PhP 2,348 plus shipping)

Chimichanga time!

Marvel Universe X-Force Deadpool

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