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Marvel Legends BAF Puck

Marvel Legends BAF Puck
Presenting Puck the end result of the Build your own Action Figure (BAF) series of the same name from Marvel Legends.

If we're right Eugene Milton "Puck" Judd is the smallest articulated Marvel Legends character in the market - not counting the tiny version of AntMan and the Wasp.

To the uninitiated, Puck was a soldier of fortune who was born in 1914. Despite the fact that he stood 7' tall - an imposing, hardly discrete character - he was hired to steal the Black Blade of Baghdad, which unbeknownst to him contained a trapped sorcerer called the Black Raazer.

Freed from the blade, the Black Blade, Puck sacrificed a portion of his life-force to contain the wraith in the only container available in the area, his body. Somehow this resulted in Puck's shrinking down from 7' to 3'6".

Puck originally had no super-powers. He just contained an evil wraith; was in constant pain; aged at a much slower rate; had some knowledge in weapons and mysticism; superhuman reflexes, stamina and agility (No more than Olympic level), skilled in Martial Arts, and; could put himself in a death-like state.

Pretty much a rolling wheel for Alpha Flight.

Later on after finally losing the Black Raazer inside him, Puck underwent genetic modification which gave him a "Compressed Physiology" resulting in super-strength, speed and durability/invulnerability.

Puck is one of the non-mutants to have served with X-Force and is currently involved in the space-exploration division of the Ultimates, Alpha Flight.

Marvel Legends BAF Puck
What's to like about the Marvel Legends BAF Puck Action Figure?

FIRST: Honestly we didn't think he was anything special more because we were not fans of Puck - or Alpha Flight for that matter - than anything else. So he was just sitting there ignored except for that one time when we used him to motorboat Emma Frost's bazookas.

For our Emma Frost review, do click here.

But he's actually a pretty solid figure for something so small.

Though we have to give him an immediate strike for not having the ability to twist at the torso which seriously cuts his articulation. Otherwise, the articulation is pretty good:

Here he is next to the Marvel Universe Wolverine and the Marvel Legends Wolverine for size comparison:

SECOND: And while the Marvel Universe Puck cannot kneel, he is incredibly well balanced - you need a peg though:

Marvel Legends BAF Puck
Marvel Legends BAF Puck
THIRD: Add a stand and he looks even better. Would have been great if he could roll into a ball:

Marvel Legends BAF Puck
What's NOT to like about the Marvel Legends BAF Puck Action Figure?

FIRST: Aside from the missing torso articulation and his inability to kneel, it would have been nice if Marvel gave us a variant with his more modern costume. Otherwise it's like "P" for "Pervert" - which he is by the way.

Other than that, he's a great figure to have in any collection - especially if you are into Alpha Flight - not that many fans given how many times their book gets cancelled.

Which is weird considering that they have some of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Universe.

The only way to get the Marvel Legends BAF Puck is to buy the Marvel Wolverine/Marvel Legends Puck Series BAF Puck set of 4 action figures: Wolverine, Emma Frost, Cyclops and Sabertooth which retails on Amazon for US$ 267.95 (Roughly PhP 12, 593.65 plus shipping)

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