Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Batman versus Superman - BVS - Battle Armor Batman

Batman versus Superman
BVS Battle Armor Batman 
Presenting the BvS Battle Armor Batman from Mattel's Batman versus Superman toyline.

One of the harshest criticisms received by the Batman versus Superman movie is that you did not have to watch the movie, you could just watch the trailers. We agree. There are things that DC/WB's marketing team just shouldn't have just revealed on the onset. They simply gave away too much.

And one of the things they should not have revealed in our opinion was the Dark Knight Returns inspired Battle Armor of Batman.

They should have stopped at eyes glowing in the dark and left the rest of the reveal for us to wait for anxiously til the movie comes out.

Part of the fun of waiting for a movie to come out - especially a comic book movie - is the waiting.


The blister pack of the BvS Battle Armor Batman does not say anything other than that it comes with an "Action Blaster!" which looks something like the grenade launcher used by the Bat in the movie if you added a spring loaded missile to it. Perhaps this is a prototype look of an original spring loaded grenade launcher that was abandoned due to cost restrictions.

Batman versus Superman
BVS Battle Armor Batman 
What's NOT to like about the Mattel Batman versus Superman - BvS - Battle Armor Batman?

FIRST: We always ignored that  "For Kids 3+" warning that came with toys. Then we found this. (Frankly though because this figure comes with a removable rifle that can be swallowed by a 3 year old, this is not recommended for 3 year olds).

Let's start with it's appearance. We can forgive the canary-yellow utility belt because it's traditional and metallic gold is expensive to apply on a toy. The Mattel BvS Battle Armor Batman is actually quite movie accurate even if it's missing the Kryptonite grenade bandolier. Unfortunately however he's missing several hundred pounds of bulk and looks like he was starved in a gulag. The lacking size makes the Mattel BVS Battle Armor Batman look like a cheap KO.

The bulk displayed by the Petron Armored Batman lamp that we featured a few weeks back is more accurate.

SECOND: The articulation. The Mattel BVS Battle Armor Batman has eleven (Yay?) points of articulation. He can turn his head, has swivel shoulder joints, single direction elbows, swivel wrists, swivel hips and, single direction knees.

This is the full extent of his articulation. Also his other hand is closed so he can only hold his rifle with one hand.

Batman versus Superman
 BVS Battle Armor Batman 
THIRD: The cheap plastic cape that extends from his back instead of from above his shoulders. It adds to the impression that this is a cheap KO toy.

Batman versus Superman
BvS Battle Armor Batman 
FOURTH: Hey look! It's Machine-Man!. Our Mattel BVS Battle Armor Batman was shoddily made and this happened straight out of the box:

This is actually what Batman's head would look like if Superman had punched him in the jaw with an uppercut. Basically the armor would prevent his head from being taken off and instead only some of his spine would follow. :)

What's to like about the Mattel Batman versus Superman - BvS - Battle Armor Batman?

FIRST: If he weren't so thin, the Mattel BvS Battle Armor batman's detailing is actually pretty spot on. We're very fond of the helmet - it really looks like you can remove it. 

That's about it. We can't figure out anything else and we're still quite miffed with ourselves that we bought this. It's one of the biggest pieces of garbage in our collection.

Amazon retails the Mattel Batman versus Superman Battle Armor Batman for US$ 8.64 (Roughly PhP 406.08 plus shipping).

Don't bother. Maybe if it was on sale.

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