Monday, March 7, 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave

Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave
Presenting the Decepticon Shockwave from the Transformers Combiner Wars toyline.

This particular figure hit the market nearly three weeks ago and he quickly disappeared from the shelves as opportunistic hoarders took them to make a profit off anybody who wanted to arm the Combiner Wars Bruticus with a Shockwave rifle.

So we were lucky to come across one, but we have no intention of getting ourselves a Bruticus, we just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

To the uninitiated, Shockwave is probably the Transformers most popular "Empurata" - a term we first encountered while reviewing the Transformers Generations Whirl.

Empurata are Cybertronians who suffered a pre-Cybertron civil-war tradition of replacing the heads and hands of criminals with faceless heads and fingerless hands. However, Whirl's face and hands were replaced because he refused to join the Cybertronian police force. Shockwave replaced his head and arm out of spite.

The Transformers Decepticon Combiner Wars Shockwave's blister card reads "The Decepticon scientist created Bruticus to pummel the Autobots."

And by "pummel" Shockwave means he'll transform into a big gun for Bruticus to use. The blister card hints at how Shockwave attaches to the Transformers Combiner Wars Onslaught in his truck mode.

Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave
What's to like about the TF Combiner Wars Shockwave

FIRST: Shockwave is a pretty handsome looking figure. We know he only has one eye but it is an intimidating eye. We're also referring to the fine detailing that went into the Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave - which is pretty high for something as small as a Legends class Transformer. You just have to appreciate the amount of work that went into making him.

SECOND: Shockwave's articulation. It's extremely high for, again, something so small, thanks to the heavy use of ball jounts

And yes, as you've seen, The Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave can kneel:

Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave
Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave
Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave
THIRD: Shockwave's alternative gun mode. It's pretty solid and looks great in the hands of the larger combiner wars characters. We're pretty sure it looks great in the hands of Bruticus.

Save for the lack of a firing platform it's also  fine tribute to Shockwave's G1 cartoon version.

Shockwave's transformation actually reminds us of the Targetroid Optiaim's transformation.

It's a little... childish... what with the targeting reticle - very Power Ranger. It even comes with the side handles where two of the four members hold the "mega-cannon" in place while a Red Ranger steps behind the cannon to fire it.

Still not bad.

What's NOT to like about the TF Combiner Wars Shockwave

FIRSTShockwave has a very empty back. And we're not just referring to the very empty legs - which we really cannot fault because they allow Shockwave to kneel - but to that gaping hole at the back of his head.

Yes, the Decepticon scientist who created the monster Bruticus, is lacking a brain.

It's quite... disconcerting.

That's about it since our expectations for Legends class figures aren't that high.

The Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave is available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 26.95 (Roughly PhP 1,293.60 plus shipping). So we guess he really is rare for a Legends class figure.

Transformers Combiner Wars Shockwave

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