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STAR WARS LEGO KO Poe Dameron's Resistance X-Wing

STAR WARS LEGO KO Poe Dameron's Resistance X-Wing
Presenting a STAR WARS LEGO Knock-off (KO) of Poe Dameron's Resistance X-Wing.

To be more specific, this is an Incom-FreiTek produced T-70 X-Wing cruciform starfighter. Specifically this is Black One, the personalized starfighter used by Resistance Ace Pilot Poe Dameron - Black Leader (Which explains the yellow-jacket paint-scheme).

T-70 X-Wings replaced the Rebellion T-65 X-Wings - those that took on the Death Stars. However we should note that the New Republic already uses a newer version of the X-Wing, the T-85 (JJ Abrams chose to cut out the politicking of between General Leia's Resistance and the New Republic - which explains why the Resistance uses such dilapidated equipment (And perhaps the absence of a Fleet) - they just don't have the funding).

The T-70 X-Wings are superior to the older T-65 X-Wings in terms of firepower - which now includes a weapons bay filled not just with proton torpedoes, but a mag-pulse launcher, Concussion and missiles - speed, and; thanks to brand new electromagnetic gyros and retro thrusters, maneuverability.

Despite the addition of an underslung anti-personnel blaster cannon, Poe Dameron learned that such a fine piece of technology was useless if  you can't get your shields up in time. Personally we think it took waaay too much time to start it up, but then Poe was trying to do it without an astromech.

Anyway, this is a knock-off of a very expensive set of Lego. Specifically this is from Lepin, and it's actually a STAR WNRS construct of unknown name, but includes mini-legos of Poe Dameron, BB-8, one Resistance X-Wing Pilot, and one Resistance Ground Crew. We guess Lepin was unwilling to risk further trademark infringement by naming the vehicle it was ripping off.

Amazon would have you purchase an original LEGO Resistance X-Wing - which would include everything you see here in Lepin's STAR WNRS knock-off - for US$ 80 (Roughly PhP 3,840 plus shipping and taxes). The thing is, here in the Philippines, an original LEGO Resistance X-Wing would set you back around twice that - yes, highway robbery!

So we really love these KOs - this one set us back PhP 1,300 - roughly US$ 27.


FIRST: It's a pretty cool playset. The LEGO KO Resistance X-Wing comes with everything you see here: An X-Wing, the aforementioned lego characters, a ladder to enter the X-Wing and a ammo/personnel cart reminiscent of the one used by the Rebellion:

STAR WARS LEGO KO Poe Dameron's Resistance X-Wing
We're particularly fond of the new Resistance Transport Speeder. Hard to believe that the Rebel version is a much sought after chase vehicle by Rebel Pilot collectors. The Resistance Transport is driven by what appears to be a Sullustan and can carry pilots, weapons, tools, and ammunition for the Resistance X-Wing. The back hatch opens up to reveal even more ammunition.

STAR WARS Lego KO Resistance Transport Speeder
As mentioned, the Lepin STAR WNRS Resistance X-Wing comes with a generic Resistance Pilot and Poe Dameron. Since this is Black One, Poe Dameron gets to climb the ladder and sit in the cockpit while BB-8 sits in a nook behind him.

SECOND: The X-Wing is kick-ass! The design and manufacture are sleek and sexy! It's a fine tribute and an accurate depiction of a Resistance X-Wing. THIRDWe were afraid that this would be one of those cheap Lego KO sets that keep falling apart because the plastic blocks don't lock, or stretch when they do so the lock doesn't hold. Definitely not the case here - we even had to take it apart once due to a critical mistake, and it fought us all the way.

STAR WARS LEGO KO Poe Dameron's Resistance X-Wing

FOURTH: The mechanics. The LEGO KO Resistance X-Wing has working forward landing gear:

The S-Foils of the cruciform starfighter are held in place by rubber bands that hold the wings together. You can see them at the back. Twisting the black knob at the back of BB-8, these will extend the S-Foils into attack position.

STAR WARS LEGO KO Poe Dameron's Resistance X-Wing
Here's the STAR WARS LEGO KO Poe Dameron Resistance X-Wing in flight:

And here it is with Black One's S-foils extended:


FIRST: Those helmets pretty much ruin everything. Oh well, we're treating them like they have their blast shields down.

It's interesting that the Resistance still uses the same insignia as the Rebellion.

SECOND:  The instructions. It was nigh impossible to discern black from dark gray and brown.

THREE: Yes, there were a few parts missing (Less than five if we recall correctly). Happily nothing critical and nothing that we could not replace with all the spare LEGOs (Real and fake) lying around.

Speaking of parts, did you guys notice the dent in the Resistance X-Wing's nose cone?

And we only had three rubber bands when we really needed four.

Finally, the cockpit hatch hinge does not work. If you want to close it, you have to dislodge it a little so that it locks onto the hull - but is slightly out of the hinge.

FOURTH: It would have been really nice if the playset came with a tarmac.

FIFTH: None of the four wing mounted missile launchers work (missiles won't lock inside) - not that we like them anyway, so that's fine.

But seriously! For the price we paid for it? We can ignore a few dings and bangs and are quite confident that as time passes, we will be able to rectify any of the shortcomings of the Lepin STAR WNRS LEGO KO Poe Dameron's Resistance X-Wing.

Grab it if you see it!

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