Friday, March 25, 2016

Petron Armored Batman Lamp

Petron Armored Batman Lamp 
Presenting a Armored Batman Lamp from Petron's Batman versus Superman memorabilia collection.

Well. Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally come out. The good news is, Batffleck did a better job than he did in Daredevil.

The bad news is, Daredevil was a better movie than Batman versus Superman.

We'll save our review for a later date on our sister site.

Bale is still our Batman.

We actually got this lamp a few weeks back when we fueled up at Petron. We paid an additional PhP 200 (Roughly US$ 4.26) after gasing up past the PhP 1,000 (Roughly US$ 21.28). But we didn't want to sound like a Petron PR piece so we held back a bit - and because this isn't a PR piece unless we missed the paycheck.

We love it and this will be short.


Petron Philippines released four variant memorabilia busts into the market: Superman - which has a desk-clock; Wonder Woman - who has a multi-charger pack built in; Batman (Regular) who has a USB series dock, and; Armored Batman, who comes with a lamp and speaks!

So far we only have the Armored Batmana and Wonder Woman. Wonder-Woman doesn't come with any sound-effects. We're not so sure if any of the other two also have sound-effects.

Petron claims on the blister pack that these gadgets were made exclusively for them. This statement is also written on the base of the bust.

Petron Armored Batman Lamp 
What's to like about the Petron Armored Batman Lamp?

FIRST: We think that it's very well made. Not quite movie accurate in the sense that when you light it up, so get to see how flat it really is i.e. none of the armored plates, or belts are really raised or sculpted to realism. More like they were just placed there because that's where they should be, but it's still a great replica. It's also a bit hefty - as a bust should be - so don't expect the wind to knock it over.

SECOND: Press the Batman versus Superman logo at the support column of the bust and you get Ben Affleck hissing "Tell me, do you bleed?" as the Armored Batman's chest and eyes light up. Press it again and Ben Affleck hisses "You will" as the lights go off:

Here's the Petron Armored Batman Lamp from other angles:

What's NOT to like about the Petron Armored Batman Lamp?

Nothing. It's a neatly made relatively affordable movie memorabilia from a movie that will be hated and compared to Michael Bay's Transformers 4. 

It sits quietly on a collector's shelf, or on your nightstand for when you need to ward off the demons that your teddy-bear can't fight off.

A great find! 

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