Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman versus Superman review: World's Finest Disaster

This is our sister blog's take on Batman versus Superman:

"Batman versus Superman has officially made a respectable US$82 million from ticket sale, and is projected to have an opening weekend return of US$170M - this despite the plethora of negative reviews that has plagued its release.

Unfortunately, this is another one of those bad reviews. In a nutshell we believe that DC and Zach Synder both gave in to the public pressure and criticism that followed Man of Steel (2013), and created an apologist version of what could have been a great movie.

And it wasn't a fun ride either. It was two hours worth of flipping screens with probably no more than four lines of dialogue exchanged between cardboard characters prior to a rather unimpressive gladiator match and another few minutes of city-wide carnage with supposedly no casualties.

So here's our take on why it didn't work, what did work, and what we feel needs to be changed if DC doesn't want to follow Michael Bay's mindless money making Transformers movies."


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