Saturday, February 20, 2016

DC SuperHeroes Supergirl Action Figure

DC SuperHeroes Supergirl Action Figure
Presenting the DC Superheroes Supergirl Action Figure.

This particular figure has actually been sitting in the Dungeon for years. We recently aired it out of storage and decided to shoot it given the recent popularity of the Supergirl TV series.

If you watched the pilot, this midriff bearing outfit was actually considered by the Maiden of Might - as designed and sewn by her "frienzoned" friend Winn (We of course assumed at the time that he was gay - but apparently not). Anyway, the TV series opted to use the original Supergirl costume that first debuted in 1958. The figure here features a costume that first debuted in 2003 upon the return of Kara Zor El to the DC universe.

People are actually still wondering why Supergirl bothers to fight crime in a skirt.

We agree that it just doesn't seem practical. If we were fighting her we'd be really distracted. And can you imagine how the paparazzi would treat her? (Though this probably explains all the pornographic fan art that you can find online).

Eventually though with DC rolling in the New 52, Supergirl switched to a new costume, which we suppose is more tactical, but still quite revealing.

But then we suppose there really isn't any proper way to dress if you're a superhero. People will still end up objectifying you. Check out for example the Elseworld's Supergirl who is wearing an all body suit, but still looks naked.

Then of course, there's Power Girl.

DC SuperHeroes Supergirl Action Figure
What's to like about the DC Super Heroes Supergirl Action Figure?

FIRST: Supergirl photographs really nicely. Her manufacturers gave her a tan complexion which adds to her overall texture. Both her cape and her hair are in dynamic, wind swept sculpts. She's very "Sunny California" or beach-going.

Supergirl's articulation is not as good as it seems, and her arms are a bit spindly - we actually are afraid that they will break if we keep moving them.

Combined with a stand, Supergirl was quite a delight to pose.

SECOND: Supergirl's facial sculpt is.... well it's something that grows on you. Our problem with it is that it gives her a more matured look - which we actually like, because we can take her more seriously. Our problem with the more matured look, is that it doesn't fit in with the young teen look that she's sporting. We've heard some other people complain that her square jaw is distracting. We should also probably note that this particular Supergirl does not sport the "Crystal" colored eyes that her New 52 version bears - or does it? It's open to speculation. We think her eyes are blue.

What's NOT to like about the DC Super Heroes Supergirl Action Figure?

FIRST: As we mentioned, the thinness of her arms really bothers us and we're really sure that there are Supergirls our there with broken arms. They're proportionate to her body, but incredibly thin. We're glad our Supergirl's arms have not broken.... yet.

SECOND: As mentioned as well, her face is an acquired taste. We're even willing to say that it may be a tad too big for her body.

THIRD: While Supergirl may seem to have incredible articulation, she doen't - particularly in the leg area (Resulting in some really awkward leg poses while we were shooting her).

We no longer remember how much it cost us to get this particular DC Superheroes Supergirl Action Figure but a brand new one is still available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 49.99 (Roughly PhP 2,399 plus shipping)

We like her :)

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