Friday, February 26, 2016

Evasion Mode Optimus Prime FWI-6 Jetwing Upgrade Kit II

Evasion Mode Optimus Prime
 Evasion Mode Optimus Prime FWI-6 Jetwing Upgrade Kit II 
Presenting the FWI-6 Jetwing Upgrade Kit II for the Evasion Mode Optimus Prime.

We just featured the FWI-5 Advanced Weapons Collection and Reprolabels for the Evasion Mode Optimus Prime. This is the part-2 featuring the Jetwing upgrade. As we mentioned in the FWI-5 review, you can add the FWI-5 and FWI-6 into the upcoming FWI-7 Annular trailer.

To the uninitiated, the FWI-6 Jetwing is the add-on weapons and fight system used by Optimus Prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon - which was later criticized because in Transformers Extinction, it turns out that Optimus Prime has the ability to fly, rendering the jetpack unnecessary.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

DC SuperHeroes Supergirl Action Figure

DC SuperHeroes Supergirl Action Figure
Presenting the DC Superheroes Supergirl Action Figure.

This particular figure has actually been sitting in the Dungeon for years. We recently aired it out of storage and decided to shoot it given the recent popularity of the Supergirl TV series.

If you watched the pilot, this midriff bearing outfit was actually considered by the Maiden of Might - as designed and sewn by her "frienzoned" friend Winn (We of course assumed at the time that he was gay - but apparently not). Anyway, the TV series opted to use the original Supergirl costume that first debuted in 1958. The figure here features a costume that first debuted in 2003 upon the return of Kara Zor El to the DC universe.

People are actually still wondering why Supergirl bothers to fight crime in a skirt.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

STAR WARS Rebels LEGO KO AT-DP All Terrain Defense Pod

All Terrain Defense Pod
Presenting a knock-off - KO - version of the LEGO STAR WARS Rebels AT-DP - All Terrain Defense Pod.

To the uninitiated, these are the walkers that are seen in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon series. Before you go out of your way to call them "AT-ST-lites", we should note that the AT-DPs were taller than the AT-STs (11.6 m versus 8..6 m). The final history of the AT-DP versus the AT-ST hasn't been written yet so that's as far as we can go in terms of comparison.

But the two were definitely built with the similar idea in mind: "Let's put two men in a lightweight, decently armored mobile platform that can do quick reconnaissance. hold the fort if necessary, ad tote the Empire's penchant for looking incredibly intimidating while doing so."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DC Collectibles Felicity Smoak Action Figure

DC Collectibles Felicity Smoak Action Figure
Presenting a Felicity Smoak Action Figure from DC Collectibles.

To the uninitiated, this is not the step-mother of half-of Firestorm, this is the one from the Arrow TV series. So this is the future Mrs Oliver Queen, former couldhavebeen Mrs Atom, daughter of the evil genius Calculator (So all this time was she a metahuman?), AKA Overwatch (Because the wheelchair bound computer genius name Oracle was already taken).

Seriously the writers of Arrow should stop ripping off Batman (Or maybe DC should have just dropped Gotham and Stephen Amell should just be playing Bruce Wayne).

Anyway, this is the action figure released by DC Collectibles based upon the likeness of the character played by the very beautiful Canadian Emily Bett Rickards.

Who, personally, should have just kept on dating the Atom (Or Barry Allen. What is is about women and bad boys?)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Transformers Platinum Edition Year of the Fire Monkey Optimus Primal

Year of the Fire Monkey Optimus Primal
Presenting the Transformers Platinum Edition Year of the Fire Monkey Optimus Primal.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! The New Lunar Year has rolled in and we are now under the gracious auspices of the Chinese Zodiac's Fire Monkey. Lucky numbers for the year are 1, 8 & 7. Lucky colors are Gold, Blue and White.

In celebration of the new year, new hope and new beginnings, Hasbro decided to release this redeco of the 2001 Robots in Disguise Air Attack Optimus Primal.

Personally we'd rather that they reissued the 1998 Super Optimal Optimus, but this is still a gigantic leap over the YOTG debacle last year involving the translucent G2 Battle Convoy armed with pink missiles (It couldn't get any gayer). While it's no YOTH MP10 Optimus Prime, it's still a step up over last lunar year.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars Sky Lynx

Transformers Combiner Wars Sky Lynx
Presenting the Transformers Combiner Wars Sky Lynx.

Sky Lynx is quite a unique Autobot. One of the few major characters of power and reknown that does not have a humanoid form (Well... til now that is). He instead transforms into.... well the G1 manuals call him a "dino-bird", but clearly he's a form of gryphon.

He's so unique in fact that he's actually quite vain  (Though he can back up his vanity and rank of Lieutenant Commander with power, speed, grace and talent, so "Bite me" seems to be his standard response to any criticism.)

Sky Lynx is so vain he's known for the quote "Before you do anything, think, 'Is this what Sky Lynx would do in my position?', and you will not go far wrong."

That's probably why Springer calls Sky Lynx "Commander Modesty".

Monday, February 1, 2016

Batman Arkham Knight Action Figure

DC Direct
Batman Arkham Knight Action Figure
Presenting the Arkham Knight from the highly successful Batman video game of the same name.

In a nutshell, this is Jason Todd, the second Robin (The one we all voted to kill... well we did anyway, sorry about that) that the Joker allegedly killed.

For those unfamiliar with the video-game, Jason Todd replaces Dick Grayson as Robin and is seemingly killed by the Joker. Unbeknownst to Batman, the greatest Detective on Earth, Jason is still alive and has been kidnapped by the Joker.

The Joker tortures and mentally breaks Jason Todd in an abandoned wing of Arkham Assylum FOR A YEAR. You know how heroes always cling to hope and say "The Batman will come for me"? Well the Joker makes Jason cast away all hope by showing him pictures of the Batman with the new Robin (Tim Drake).

Broken, the Joker brands Jason with a "J" on his forehead and says that Jason is now his sidekick. Jason almost gives in and is about to reveal Batman's true identity when the Joker decides to shoot him in the head (Personally, we believe that he was bored and it wouldn't be any fun for the Joker if he knew the Batman's true identity).

But Jason lives! (Just had to say it). And filed with anger, the Arkham Knight is born.

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