Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Rodimus Prime

Rodimus Prime, leader of the Autobots
Presenting the Transformers Combiner Wars Rodimus Prime - or just plain Rodimus.

We're honestly not sure why someone in Hasbro in his infinite wisdom blurted out "Hey let's shrink the little guy! No one likes him anyway, they won't notice!"

Sigh. For all the misgivings we may have about the guy who: Caused the death of Optimus Prime; stole the Matrix of Leadership from Ultra Magnus, and; led the Autobots to near destruction prompting the resurrection of Optimus Prime; Rodimus was still the leader of the Autobots and deserves a little more dignity than this.

And everyone else from the IDW comic books more or less got to scale toys made out of them, so why is Rodimus so diminutive?

What do we care, we don't like Rodimus? :)


The Transformers Combiner Wars Rodimus' blister pack reads: "Rodimus: Brash warrior has the makings of a skilled commander and honorable leader." So.... in essence this isn't Rodimus Prime, this is Hot Rod.

So why reduce Rodimus to a Legends sized character? Because Hasbro repurposed the torso of Optimus Prime to make Motormaster, the torso of Menasor, and tweaked the history of little known comic-cook Deccepticon named Blackjack to cover the gaping hole on his chest.

So they felt it only appropriate to cover up Optimus Prime's Matrix of Leadership (why?) when he forms Optimus Maximus. Whoever it was had to be an Autobot that was similar to Blackjack (Why waste the mold?), so they redecoed Blackjack and now we have Rodimus!

Just so he can do this:

Seriously all you need are the correct Reprolabels:


FIRST: Rodimus is not bad for a redeco. Check out below the detailin that went into his faceplate: pretty decent. Rodimus comes with a very nice mix of crimson, silver, and electric blue and yellow.

SECOND: Rodimus' transformation is not as simple as some Legends class figures out in the market. There is some slight thinking involved, so you will get that tiny bit of satisfaction when you figure out how to transform him without a manual.

THIRD: Rodimus' articulation is excellent for a Legends class figure. Yes, Rodimus Prime can kneel.

Here's a look at the detailing of Rodimus' face:

Quite inspiring for a little guy. Check out the details of his car mode:

Here's a look at that incredible articulation we mentioned - he's an axe wielding monstrosity:

If you happen to have the DMY Studios - D-01 - Optimus Prime Add-on, you can give the Autobot Matrix of leadership to Rodimus:


FIRST: Putting aside the fact that we're not Rodimus Prime fans, one of the biggest gripes that we have about this figure is the disappearance of the exhaust pipes that run down his forearms and serve as his primary blasters. Hot Rod had them, Rodimus Prime had them. The Combiner Wars Rodimus does not have them.

SECOND: His size. It really still does bother us that the leader of the Autobots is soooo diminutive. We can really see the following happen:

The Transformers Combiner Wars Rodimus retails on Amazzon for US$ 7.95 (Roughly PhP 374 plus shipping). He's good - for a comic relief. 

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