Thursday, December 3, 2015

Takara Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus

Takara Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus, here to light your darkest hour
Presenting the Takara version of the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus - LG14.

This will be the third - and hopefully last - time that we will feature a Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus. We originally reviewed the Hasbro version of Ultra Magnus, then later featured that Hasbro version all dressed up in Reprolabels.

What Takara decided to do was take it a step further and release a version of Ultra Magnus that was accurate to his appearance in the IDW comic book which basically gives Ultra Magnus a red pair of pants.

The Takara Version of the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus also has a white pair of weapons - and replaces the diminutive Minimus Ambus with a redecoed version of himself: Alpha Trion - which in itself is an interesting story.


Now we don't read Japanese so all of what's on the blister pack is gibberish to us. But we do know a little about Alpha Trion, the "Driver" of this particular Ultra Magnus.

Alpha Trion is supposedly the last of the original 13 Cybertronians. He is the guardian of Vector Sigma and wields Vector Sigma's circuit key.

Now in the Transformers Legends Comic Book, Alpha Trion resurrects Ultra Magnus by diving into his chest and serving as Ultra Magnus' matrix until such a time when Ultra Magnus no longer needed him.

The difference between that Ultra Magnus and the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus is that the CW Ultra Magnus is a shell driven by Minimus Ambus. It is not sentient. The Transformers Legends Comic Book Ultra Magnus is a separate entity from Alpha Trion.

Other than the cosmetic changes, there really isn't any difference between the Hasbro version and the Takara version of the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus, so let's look at them side-by-side - note that our Hasbro version of Ultra Magnus has been upgraded with Reprolabels:

Personally we believe that the Reprolabels enhanced Hasbro Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus looks better. The Takara LG14 Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus is available on Amazon for US$ 69.99 (Roughly PhP 3,290 plus shipping). Stick to Hasbro and invest in Reprolabels.

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