Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman

Presenting Catwoman from the DC Direct Batman Arkham Knight Series 2 toyline.

So. The fastest selling video-game for 2015. I find this a bit surprising considering the admitted glitches for PC users (Boo!). But maybe we're just not that into the game anymore because Batman Origins made us feel isolated, a bit paranoid, and filled with the need to hear necks crack (Seriously, there is no way that Batman is not killing the people he's fighting in the Arkham Series. It's either that or he's leaving them permanently paralyzed from the neck down.)

But we do love the story-telling and how the game was able to slowly integrate the other members of the Bat Family into it's roster of playable characters. We certainly had fun as Nightwing (Not so much as Robin), and we wished we could follow Catwoman around longer.


Arkham Knight introduces a dual-play system into the game that allows you to pair up with specific characters in the stealth, beat-down and other portions of the game. So you're not just left playing Batman throughout the game.

The blister pack of course does not mention this. It doesn't mention anything at all.

The Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman comes with:
  • Catwoman of course;
  • A whip that can be attache to her whip;
  • A folded out bullwhip;
  • A pair of "Claws extended" alternative hands;
  • A pair of closed fist hands;
  • A pair of slightly opened hands that allow her to hold her bull-whip (extended or not) in her hands.
So. At the end of Batman Arkham Knight, is the Batman dead? We don't think so for the following reasons:
  • You don't kill a cash-cow. Rocksteady needs to keep this going. Substituting a "Batman" would result in backlash one way or another and they'd have to come up with a crappy means to get him back - though Rocksteady really should look into doing an Arkham game with Terry McGuiness as the main character.
  • Given that Batman now seems immune to Scarecrow's fear toxin, it only makes sense that he would incorporate it into his arsenal. Seeing how distorted his image became in the end, it only makes sense that he was using Crane's Fear Toxin. 
  • All his "Farewell" speeches spoke of evolution, not death.
But that's us.

What's to like about the Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman?

FIRST: We think that the Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman looks like a grown up Camren Bicondova if the sixteen year old dancer who gained the privilege of playing Selina Kyle - the would be Catwoman - if she were all grown up.

SECOND: We're happy that she's a very nice interpretation of Selina Kyle from Arkham Knight. They didn't go overboard with her proportions and the detailing is pretty spot-on.

The only thing missing when it comes to the Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman, is the fact that most of the time during the video game she's covered in filth and blood. This Catwoman is quite pristine.

Here's Catwoman's face close-up. Unfortunately no, those goggles don't come down:

Here's a look at her detailing. Gotta love the leather.

THIRD: We're quite surprised with her articulation despite the fact that she is from DC Direct:

Unfortunately we couldn't really make her kneel because her right leg was stuck up.

What's NOT to like about the Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman?

FIRSTThat gummed up leg. Boo. Actually nothing. The Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman has beautiful detailing, surprisingly high articulation for a DC Direct Action figure and a working, reliable whip accessory that you can swap out depending upon the necessary scenario.

So the only real problem is the problem we already mentioned: She's pristine clean versus how she looks in the video game.

Perhaps an alternative head would have been nice.

The Batman Arkham Knight Catwoman is available on Amazon for US$ 24.92 (Roughly PhP 1,171.24 plus shipping).

Definitely better than the Batman version.

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