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Unite Warriors / Combiner Wars Grand Scourge

UW-EX Decepticons Dark Commander
Would you classify Grand Scourge as a Nemesis Prime?
Presenting the Transformers Decepticons Dark Commander, Grand Scourge - or Nemesis Prime if you prefer - from Takara Tomy's Unite Warriors toyline - their version of Combiner Wars. 

Personally we don't really think he should be equated with Nemesis Prime, but he will be so let's just leave it at that.

Basically this dude is Jet Li's Lawless from "The One." Grand Scourge is a dimensional hopper that seeks out the bearers of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, and kills them. Armed with his Matrix Breaker Sword, Grand Scourge in the e-Hobby comic book was portrayed to have already claimed the matrix of Reverse Prime. Now he's come for the Matrix of Optimus Prime (Gabriel Yu Law), because there can be only one.

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The Unite Warriors Grand Scourge comes in a very beautifully designed box that sadly bears a lot of Japanese - which we don't speak, so we don't know what the blister card says.

The box designates Grand Scourge as UW-EX: Decepticons Dark Commander. It also lists Grand Scourge's physicall stats as:

  • Strength - 10
  • Intelligence - 9
  • Speed - 9
  • Endurance - 10
  • Rank  - 10
  • Courage - 10
  • Fireblast - 10
  • Skill - 10
Combiner Wars Grand Scourge is practically perfect.  If you look now to the left, you will see that Grand Scourge is a complete re-deco of the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime. He does not have the new "Prowl" head of the Battle Core Optimus Prime.

Grand Scourge also comes with a comic book written and painted by Makoto Wakabayashi. Basically Megatron, Blitzwing and Menasor are going toe-to-toe with Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Superion. A spatial distortion occurs and Grand Scourge arrives on Earth. Ratchet blurts out that he looks a lot like Optimus Prime.

Unamused Menasor moves to squash Grand Scourge and it torn from chest to groin by Grand Scourge's Matrix Breaker Sword.

The Stunticons gestalt is broken but before they can recover, Grand Scourge starts grabbing each of the "limb" members of the Stunticons and combining with them. First Dead-End is forced to become his right arm, followed by Dragstrip forming his left arm. Grand Scourge then jumps on Breakdown and Offroad as they try to escape and they form his legs.

Motormaster runs for his life. Grand Scourge then prepares to destroy "the one who will succeed to the space time matrix" but Superion stands in his way.

And gets decapitated - not so long ago we saw Superion getting torn in two by Devastator, now this. They should probably retire.

The comic book ends with Megatron vowing to destroy Grand Scourge for upsetting him, and Optimus Prime thinking about what to do next "as commander of Autobots who succeeds to the matrix, I cannot afford to be done for so easily!"

We won't bother giving the pros and cons of the Unite Warriors UW-EX Grand Scourge because, save for the Matrix Breaker Sword, there really no physical difference between Grand Scourge and the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime. Grand Scourge also utilizes the Stunticons. Again these are just redecos of the Autobots used by Combiner Wars Optimus Prime. So again there's no need to make a review.


You can store Unite Warrior's Matrix Breaker Sword on his back:

Grand Scourge's base mode is just as intimidating because of that huge sword:

Here's Grand Scourge with his engine block rifles:

Here's Grand Scourge's truck mode note that you can mount the Matrix Breaker sword over the "engine block" formed by Grand Scourge's guns:

Now here's Grand Scourge side-by-side with the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime:



We should probably note at this point that our Combiner Wars Optimus Prime has Reprolabels (So he's always look better):


So what do you think happens? :


The Unite Warriors UW-EX Grand Scourge is not available on Amazon as of this writing. It is sold out on TFSource where it retailed for US$ 89.99 (Roughly PhP 4229.53).

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