Monday, November 2, 2015

Marvel Universe Shanna the She-Devil

Presenting a Shanna the She-Devil action figure from the Marvel Universe Infinite series toyline.

There are currently two Shanna the She-Devils wandering around the Marvel Universe. The first is Shanna O'Hara Plunder wife of Ka-Zar Kevin Plunder - the second character to bear the name Ka-Zar). Recently this Shanna the She-Devil was killed on a mission with Wolverine and Amadeus Cho, and was resurrected by being immersed in a bath that involved fluids from the Swamp Thing (gross). The resurrected Shanna the She-Devil had super-strength and stamina.

In 2005, an alternate universe Shanna the She-Devil was released. This Shana was bred in a test tube by Nazi scientists, and was named "Shanna" by someone who thought she resembled a comic-book character. This was illustrated by Frank Cho. Unfortunately this title which was supposed to be released under Marvel Max for a more mature audience was stripped of it's nudity by Frank prior to it's publication - under a PG rating instead.

Now that the Marvel Universe has been rebooted, we're not sure which Shanna the She-Devil will be retained. But given the very conservative look of this Shanna? We'd say it's not the near naked version that does jumping jacks

The Marvel Universe Infinite Series Shanna the She-Devil's blister pack reads: "A fierce athlete highly skilled with animals and weapons, Shanna guards the Savage Lands!"

Shanna the She-Devil comes with everything you see in the package: A figure and a tiny knife that she uses in the defense of the Savage Land. The knife goes snugly into a small sheath at the back of her loin-cloth.

No. You cannot remove the loincloth, and there is a bikini painted underneath (We've tried. You'll have to cut it off).


FIRST:  The detailing. Let's start with her face: There are some people who do not like the fact that half her face is hidden behind her thick blonde hair, but we like it. It's different, unique and new. We're a bit bothered by how stern her face is, but we can work with that.

Next: The detailing of her outfit. See how tattered her loin cloth is? It's that kind of tiny detailing that we appreciate. Similar tatters appear on her bra and check out those animal hide boots! Not even the Marvel Universe Black Cat have those. They should be transplanted.

There are some light tribal tattoo marks (?) on her arms. Perhaps these were supposed to be arm bands that were canceled towards the end of her production.

The knife is a bit too soft and child friendly for our taste, but we do like the fact that it can be stored in a sheath on her back - reducing the possibility of losing it.


FIRST The solid upper torso. Yes. There is no upper or lower torso twisting ability on this figure. We assumed she had the ability to at least twist her torso either underneath her loin-cloth or at the break between her bra and upper torso, but no dice.

That, the lack of wrist articulation, and her hair length severely limit the articulation of the Marvel Universe Shanna the She-Devil.

She can still kneel though, but she's nowhere near as agile as say Dagger or Elektra.

SECOND One of the probable reasons why some people don't like the facial sculpt of Shana the She-Devil is that there is an alternate face sculpt at the back of the package which is quite different from the finished product. Some people prefer that they can see her other eye. We're not that particular.

Overall we also don't think she is as sexy as she should be, but then we're in love with Frank Cho's version of Shanna the She-Devil:

And then there is this little gem: 

The Marvel Universe Infinite Series Shanna the She-Devil was purchased at retail from SM ToyKingdom for PhP 749.75 (Roughly US$ 16.67). It is available on Amazon for US$ 11.98 (Roughly PhP 563.06 plus shipping)

UPDATE: We noticed that the quality control when it comes with to Shana the She-Devil is not consistent. We've seen versions of her with sharper jaws and versions of her where her hair does not cover her right eye - leaving a vacant (And quite horrifying) right eye. 

We're going to salvage her and make a nicer looking G.I. Joe Cover-Girl

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