Friday, November 27, 2015

Jan Solo II

I've known Jan Calleja since preparatory school. Back then he was our batch's - and probably Claret School's - greatest artist.

But apparently he didn't stop with water-colors, crayons and pastels and decided to make his own toys.

He's having his second exhibit this weekend and if you aren't doing anything tomorrow, November 28, 2015, it might be worth your while to catch his latest Star Wars themed exhibit.

The exhibit entitled Jan Solo II will be held at the Artalyer Display Showroom,
#8 11th Jamboree St., Quezon City

To check out some of his completed and works in progress for the exhibit, do read on after the jump.

Jan Calleja's Royal Rebel:

The Tripple-XXX Sith Buster

Jan Calleja's WIPs. If you like these you need to see the completed works at tomorrow's exhibit:

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