Saturday, November 14, 2015

GI Joe Custom Cover Girl

Presenting a GI Joe custom Cover Girl action figure.

Cover Girl is Specialist Courtney A. Krieger from Peoria, Illinois. She's probably best know in the GI Joe community for being the primary pilot associated with the GI Joe Wolverine missile-boat, AND for being a former high-end fashion model.

Sadly despite her success in the modern world, she found the modelling life completely unfulfilling. So she enlisted studied how to be a tank driver in Fort Knox and learned how to build/repair gas and diesel engines.

Eventually, despite her aversion to the use of her natural beauty in her career, she enrolled to study espionage in Fort Huachuca Military Intelligence School.

Sadly Hasbro has not deemed it fit to create a modern version of Cover Girl other than the really, really crappy likeness of the beautiful Karolína Kurková (Who Steven Sommers had Zartan knife in the back while she was flirting with General Hawk). The only modern version of Cover Girl available in the market is the outrageously priced version from the GI Joe Collectors Club.

So we made our own.

The idea began a few weeks ago after we reviewed the Marvel Universe Shanna the She-Devil. We didn't really like the figure so we decided to use her head for something else. Now we know that you might be thinking that we needed a red-head instead of a blonde, but Cover Girl was originally depicted as a blonde. GI Joe Rise of Cobra also depicted Cover Girl as a blonde. She's a model, so she probably dyes her hair.

Moving on:
  • A jacket was mandatory. Cover Girl's 2006 and 2013 action figure incarnations were the only ones that involved a fur-lined jacket, so a plain jacket would do. We found one on a Power of the Force Han Solo.
  • Cover Girl's 2003 incarnation also involved a chest holster, we took General Hawk's
  • Her 2013 incarnation armed her with a M32 Pulverizer (The gun used by Stalker), but her wiki shows that she was trained in the use of the following: LAW (Light Anti-Armor Weapon) rockets, Dragon AT (Anti-Tank) missiles, M-16s and M1911A1 Auto Pistols. So our Cover Girl had to be armed with an M-16 or any of its descendants such as the M4. We chose a weapon with an extended magazine since our Cover Girl did not carry extra ammunition. 
Sadly after ripping off the heads of several Scarlets and Lady Jayes, we found that only the bodies of the GI Joe Renegades Scarlett or the GI Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye, would come close to fitting. So since we had an extra Scarlett we threw that in. 

In hindsight, the Retaliation Lady Jaye's uniform colors are a better match to Cover Girl's tans:

In essence though, these are the figures that contributed to the creation of our GI Joe Custom Cover Girl:


Well we have to say that our Custom Cover Girl came out pretty well.

Detailing:  Her head clips onto the neck ball joint a tad bit too loosely, so we added a dash of blue tack to help keep it in place.

If you look closely, you'll mark that Scarlett has really pale skin - which is probably another good argument why we should have used Lady Jaye. Nothing we can't fix with a little paint.

The Star Wars Power of the Force jacket isn't really well made, but it does hide the fact that her chest holster is a bit loose.

Artiulation: The GI Joe Renegades Scarlett gifts our Custom Cover Girl with her excellent articulation that's limited only by the sheer length of her hair which hampers her ability to turn her head. Yes Cover Girl can kneel:

Artiulation: Yes, our new Custom Cover Girl can fit into the Wolverine Armored Missile Vehicle. And like the original Cover Girl that came with the Wolverine, she will die a horrible death if she ever fired any of those missiles.

If we ever come across another GI Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye, we'd switch out the bodies:

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