Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ultra Magnus Reprolabels - Combiner Wars

Presenting the Transformers Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus with Reprolabels applied. We're quite fond of the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus and we said that he was worthy of how he looks in the IDW comic books and has a mold that fits nicely in his other versions including when he appeared as the Autobot City Commander in The Transformers Movie.

So we have to tip our hat to Reprolabels for creating a need and making us realize that there was "room for improvement."

The Reprolabels are based upon Magnus' original G1 toy design and his portrayal by IDW in the Dark Cybertron series, both of which depict Ultra Magnus with a solid red lower torso and upper thighs.

We honestly appreciate though that Reprolabels did not go overboard with turning those body parts red as Ultra Magnus' cartoon version is primarily white and blue - probably an attempt to make him as distinct from Optimus Prime as possible. We think that this is a fine compromise between the two. 

The Reprolabels are all on one sheet, and as you can see, majority of the stickers are safety reflectors meant to make the vehicle easier to see at night (No, these don't actually reflect anything). Which is why if you turn Ultra Magnus around, there really isn't much to see. Most of the Reprolabels are visible in the front of Magnus' robot mode and in the finer detailing of Magnus' truck mode.



We're not quite sure why Reprolabels bothered with adding stickers to Ultra Magnus' eyes, but it does lift them a little, creating the illusion of Magnus wearing sunglasses.


The Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus Reprolabels adds a bit of color to the rather plain and bland cockpit of Minimus Ambus. We would have liked it if they added just a little more stickers to liven up the place since there are still a few blank panels.

The Reprolabels set for Ultra Magnus also came with two "Joke" stickers. Bits of humor that you can add or discard to Ultra Magnus body. The first one is a scratched up note that says "The duly appointed enforcer of the Tyrest Accord can duly appoint my shiny metal...." The rest of the note is ripped off, but you can pretty much guess which body part that is. Personally we feel that Minimus would stick this in his cockpit till he finds out who wrote it and is able to duly appoint his justice. It also explains his generally sour disposition.

The second sticker says "If found return to Tyrest." We stuck that to the bottom of his foot.


As you can see Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus' shoulder vents are now defined, as are the insides of his forearms. But the biggest changes are centered in all the open white spaces from his stomach to his knees. Reprolabels even gave him a glowing belly button. There are some small details added to his feet that we'll look at later.


Reprolabels also took the time to define Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus's hammer. You should see it coming after all, so it's fitting that it now has safety reflectors.


Here now in truck mode you can see the small reflectors that now line Ultra Magnus' traler. Reprolabels also covered the unblackened window of Ultra Magnus, and provided a black metallic looking plate for his front grill. Sadly they did not provide Ultra Magnus with a license plate for the front of his cab.

Reprolabels provides five optional license plates for Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus. They read "1AMTH3L4W" "MAGNUS" "VERITY" "IMMORTAL" "ENFORCER" All of them read "LOST LIGHT" as their city of issue. We opted to use two: "1AMTH3L4W" and "MAGNUS" We placed the "MAGNUS" plate on the back of his trailer so that it appears on his right leg" in the same way that the Parallax Armor Upgrade for Ultra Magnus reveals a license plate on it's left leg. 

Check out the new tail lights and reflectors.

The Reprolabels sticker upgrade for the Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus is available on for US$ 11 (Roughly PhP 517 plus shipping). If, like us, you thought that the Hasbro version of the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord looked great, then this set is for you.

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