Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man

Presenting the Ultimate Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe Infinite Series Toyline.

So a black Spider-Man. Born in the Marvel Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610), this is Miles Morales the Afrian-American/ Hispanic grade-schooler who's uncle - the Prowler - stole the recreated serum (and an irradiated spider) that gave Peter Parker his super powers. Miles got bitten by the Spider while visiting his uncle and developed similar powers to the Earth 1610 Spider-Man (Peter Parker) who had recently died.

Realizing he could have helped stop the Green Gobiln, Miles is guilt stricken by the death of Peter Parker and takes up his mantle - much to the chagrin of everyone who considered the original 1610 Spider-Man a hero.

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., Miles proves himself a hero against the 1610 Electro and is given this black and red Spider-Suit.

Which we really like.

Unfortunately the Miles Morales Spider-Man has been attacked as a feeble attempt by Marvel to be politically correct, and a nod to Marvel's support for President Obama.

Personally we believe that there is something that rings true about Marvel's need to be more politically correct. Hell Captain America's an African American, and Ms Marvel is a Pakistani Muslim (Still no real Asians though. Sad). So obviously Marvel cannot deny an agenda to provide a more diverse set of role models that a global market can look up and subscribe to.

And while we believe that the Ultimate Spider-Man cannot hold a candle to the 616 Spider-Man in terms of the fact that he's years behind the accomplishments of Peter Parker, we see nothing wrong with the re-envisioning of this new hero - he's from a different Earth after all.

What's to like about the  Marvel Universe Infinite Series Ultimate Spider-Man?
FIRST: The uniform. We like the dark, and blood red-mix. It's a bit very Daredevil, but it's perfect for the darker, grittier universe of Earth 1610. Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man need not consciously keep his camouflage ability up and running, his darker colors should keep him safely hidden.

Also the uniform is a nice tribute to the deceased (Well not really dead) Peter Parker. It retain's the spider-emblem and probably serves to remind Miles that the original Spider-Man died because he did nothing (But that's just us).

Note how easily it is for him to blend in:

SECOND: We love the detailing of his mask. Note how his "eyes" are actually elevated:

THIRD: The relatively high articulation of the Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man made him a joy to pose. He's no Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man, but it's not bad:

Yes, the Ultimate Spider-Man can kneel:

What's NOT to like about the  Marvel Universe Infinite Series Ultimate Spider-Man?
FIRST: The Marvel Universe Infinite Series Ultimate Spider-Man is a reissue of the variant of the Spider-Man released in the 18th wave of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel has changed nothing - down to the fact that he's carrying Peter Parker's backapack with a very obvious photographer's camera sticking out.

Miles Morales is not a photojournalist. He's a student.

Marvel had the opportunity to improve on the figure or create an original mold for him. It would have been nice if he had a venom-blast effect rather than the backpack.

FIRST: Strangely tiny-hands.

The Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man is available on Amazon for US$ 9.74 (Roughly PhP 457.78 plus shipping)

Spider-Man collectors only.


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