Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Face-plate upgrade for the Optimus Prime Fansproject Parallax Armor

Presenting a face-plate upgrade for the Fansproject Parallax armor for Optimus Prime.

This will be a pretty short review.

This is actually a face-plate that came with an after market upgrade package for the original Parallax armor for Ultra Magnus - not Prime. Our Magnus armor was a KO and did not include the shoulder mounted missile launchers.

Not wanting to give Optimus Prime's missile launchers to his poorer cousin, we sourced for one on-line and found a set.

The set included new face for Ultra Magnus and one blue-eyed face-plate bearing alternate for Optimus Prime.

So we thought we'd share the upgrade with the rest of the world.

The first problem with the upgrade is that it did not come with instructions. Our first instinct was to look for screws so that we could remove the old face and add the face-plate, however we found out quite quickly that there were no screws -  the head of the Fansproject Parallax armor seems to be a single solid mold.

After a while we gave up thinking "Maybe the Fansproject Armor is a KO" when we distinctly remember it not being so.

We tried to change the face of Ultra Magnus and discovered the same thing. Except this time we tried to pull on his chin, and his face came off and we easily slipped his new face in.

We tried it with Optimus here and found that he was reluctant to release his face. We didn't want to mar the old face by using pliers, and eventually cajoled his face off by pulling with a rag for friction, and a knife on the back of the original face for force.

And here it is now.


The only downside we suppose is that with the new faceplate Optimus Prime looks incredibly like Star Saber. Perhaps a "blue" head is in order for sourcing. But Optimus Prime definitely doesn't look like Ultra Magnus now. The Ultra Magnus Parallax armor upgrade set us back PhP 500 (Roughly US$ 10.6 plus shipping).

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