Thursday, September 3, 2015

Transformers Generations Rattrap

Presenting Transformers Generations Rattrap.

We're not really fans of the current incarnation of Rattrap. We prefer his incarnation in the animated series where he was something of an equivalent to Bumblebee.

Now he's like ... Starscream to Megatron. A schemer waiting in the shadows, but serving Starscream the First, faithfully ... for now.

This is actually an old shoot that we never were able to prep and post on-line.

It seemed like such a shame to let it go to waste, so even if Transformers Generations Rattrap isn't quite relevant anymore, we decided to put him up.

He's one of the coolest Generations figures after all.

Transformers Generations Rattrap's blister card reads "This Maximal spy can infiltrate any area because's he's willing to go where no other bot is willing to go: the garbage. Burrowing through trash and rubble keeps Rattrap out of the line of fire. You could say it's not courageous... but then you probably haven't smelled that trash barge."

So we're thinking "There are no organics on Cybertron. All the "trash" is chemical in nature. How bad could the smell be?"

Anyway, the blister card lists Rattrap's stats as follows:

  • Strength - 7
  • Intelligence - 6
  • Speed - 8
  • Endurance - 7 
  • Rank - 6
  • Courage - 7
  • Fireblast - 7
  • Skill - 8
Rattrap's stats are incredibly boring. Maybe that's why he likes to stay in the shadows. 

And he's called Rattrap because he turns into a giant rat.

What's to like about TF Generations Rattrap?

Is it really wise to assign yourself into a stealth role but have a robot mode that has two bright hands waving in the air?

FIRST: The detailing. You have got to love the fine hairs, and organic like parts such as padded feet and toe-nails that festoon Rattrap's body. It's like looking at something built in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

He even looks likes he has side-burns.

As if to make this point even more poignant, Transformers Generation Rattrap's brain seems to be completely exposed. 

Sadly getting his eye to light up is a bit difficult despite this:

SECOND: The articulation. Transformers Generations Rattrap has wonderful articulation and his poseability is supported by his prehensile tail which acts like a stiff tail whenever necessary:

THIRD: While we're not happy about the use of translucent material, Transformers Generations Rattrap comes with two pretty pieces of accessories. First is his rifle which can be disassembled into two pistols:

The rifle clips nearly underneath Rattrap in Rat-form and makes for a very nasty non-canon surprise:

Firing with his guts. Ewww. The second accessory of Transformers Generations Rattrap is a pair of sticky-bombs - though they looks awfully like binoculars, and given that he's a scout/spy, we will treat them as such - that are nicely recessed in a compartment in his left arm.

Unfortunately Rattrap can't really hold the binoculars - if that's what the are - to his eyes.

What's NOT to like about TF Generations Rattrap?

Aside from the few cosmetic problems that we mentioned above, we have only one complaint and we don't really think it's a valid complaint,  FIRST:  Rattrap's beast mode. 

We've never been a great fan of the beast-wars Transformers because of the way their animal forms look like animals already sectioned into parts for the meatshop.

Other than that, it's one of the nicest Transformers toys in the Dungeon. 

Transformers Generations Rattrap is available on Amazon for US$ 14.97 (Roughly PhP 704) plus shipping.

We're all gunna die

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