Saturday, September 12, 2015

Optimus Pime UFO Annular Trailer KO

Presenting the KO (Knock-off) version of Optimus Prime's UFO Annular Trailer.

The UFO Annular Trailer is based upon the trailer of Optimus Prime as it appeared in the Transformers Dark of the Moon movie when Prime first encountered Shockwave and his driller. Prime's trailer transformed in the movie and became a circular structure bristling with weapons from which Optimus Prime drew a sword and a shield (Since he loves beheading Decepticons a lot).

Later in the movie Optimus Prime would state the need to recover his trailer because he needed the flight technology within it. 

If we're correct UFO released two versions of the trailer: A regular gray one whose color is similar to the KO version and a match for the DA-28 Striker version of Optimus Prime, and; a chrome version that's a better fit for the Buster version of Optimus Prime.


FIRST: The KO UFO Annular Trailer is a well proportioned trailer for any of the Leader Class movie Optimus Primes. There are some arguments that the trailer is a tad bit long, but given today's need to deliver the most product in the least amount of time, we think it's just right.

As with the genuine UFO Annular trailer, the KO version suffers the same weird alignment of the extra fuel tanks (?) on the bottom side of the trailer. The fuel tanks also hamper the turning ability of Optimus Prime with the Annular trailer attached. HOWEVER: It did not occur to us to turn the fuel tanks (?) around so that Optimus would have the ability to turn.

It's a bit of a shame that you cannot mount any weapons on the exterior of the KO Annular trailer. 

SECOND: Despite having to hide a frame inside, the KO UFO Annular Trailer can take at least one large vehicle inside. Reviews on-line state that it can take something as large as a Voyager class vehicle inside.

Taller vehicles such as the DOTM/ROTF Ratchet or Iron-hide should have no problem fitting inside.

THIRD: It's a bitch to transform - which we will talk about later - but it does transform into a relatively strong, well supported structure. UFO refers to this transformed mode as the Annular Trailer's Space Bridge Mode. The inner blue frame and the two "legs" provide the KO annular trailer with the rigid support that it needs.

There's a ramp on the back and should you want to mount bigger items or provide more support, you can raise the forward ramp to provide support in the back:

THIRD: You will be faced with the rather adorable problem of "What exactly do we hang here?"

We didn't exactly feel like dismantling our FWI-3 to decorate the trailer's exterior and we could not mount the FWI-4. We were however able to mount Optimus Prime's DA-15 Jetwing:


FIRST: The KO UFO Annular Trailer comes with two fuel tanks (?) that, in Space Bridge mode, are mounted towards the base of the arc - though you can mount them wherever you want.

Pressing a button on the genuine Annular Trailer activates steady blue laser lights on both canisters. Pressing the buttons on the KO UFO Annular trailer activates flashing blue lights and battle sound effects. One of the canisters has since ceased to create any noise or light, the other one surprised us when it blurted out "Let's go Satan!" at us. We assume that we misheard and it said "Let's go Sentai!" (At lease that's what we're praying it's saying). We'd rather we had the steady blue lights.

SECOND: One of the hinge pins KO UFO Annular trailer started inching its way out during transformation.

THIRD: The KO UFO Annular trailer does not have pins in the interior rack, hence you cannot attach the UFO War Axe the Annular trailer. The Shield though fits nicely on the leg support portion of the KO UFO Annular trailer.

FOURTH: The KO UFO Annular trailer's refrigeration unit (The part on top of the arc) does not open. Hence you have no access to the clip that will allow you to mount the  DA-15 Jetwing to the top of the trailer.

FIFTH: The KO UFO Annular trailer comes with plastic wheels. Optimus Prime has rubber tires.

SIXTH: The KO UFO Annular trailer's exterior is really bland. We're not sure how to repaint it to make it better.

Still it the KO UFO Annular trailer is a solid 3rd party knock-off that is a wonderful addition to any collection. AND it comes at a fraction of the price of the original UFO Annular Trailer. This particular KO UFO Annular trailer was purchased from the Black Market of Divisoria for PhP 2,000 (Roughy US$ 42.55) - and comes with a really horrible (And probably toxic) Optimus Prime (Which we threw away). A brand new original UFO Annular trailer may set you back as much as US$ 180 (Roughly PhP 8,500 plus shipping) on Ebay.


  1. Do you know a way to get more of these?

  2. Man, I really missed out on getting this Annular trailer.......Is there a way to get one, anywhere?


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