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Marvel Universe Colossus - Juggerlossus - Infinite Series

Presenting the Mighty Colossus - or Juggerlossus - from the Marvel Universe Infinite Series Toyline.

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, Colossus. We're Colossus fans. Always have been since we started reading the Uncanny X-Men waaaaay back in 1986 when, during the Mutant Massacre story-arc, Colossus was severely injured for being the "wall" behind which X-Men and Morlocks alike found protection from the vicious killing spree of the Marauders.

Magneto tried to heal him, resulting in Piotr's paralysis. He would return during the Fall of the Mutants story-line with enhanced strength thanks to Magneto's "healing" which involved strengthening his organic Osmium steel skin.

But we always thought that Piotr's powers were... weak.... when compared to the powers of his siblings: Mikhail: an Omega-Level energy manipulator, and; Illyana: a teleporter and Sorceress Supreme of Limbo. So we thought that once day Colossus would realize that he could bring in more mass from whatever dimension he gains the additional mass and armor whenever he transforms into Colossus - becoming a literal true Colossus.

We never thought he'd become the Juggernaut.

The Marvel Universe Infinite Series Colossus / Juggerlossus action figure's blister pack reads: "When Colossus gained Juggernaut's immense strength, he also became subject to the evil Cytorrak's Influence."

Colossus came across Cytorrak's influence during Marvel's "Fear Itself" story-line. Cain Marko, the Juggernaut, was possessed by the Asgardian "Worthy" god Kuurth, Breaker of Stone. Kuurth had decided that San Francisco was a stain that had to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Unfortunately for Kuurth, San Francisco was then the home of all the world's remaining mutants, the X-Men.

Cyclops throws the entire X-Nation at Kuurth and states that he has more than 26 possible plans to take down the Juggernaut:  resulting in some of the most beautiful battle scenes from the hand of illustrator Greg Land - including one panel involving Magneto and an aircraft carrier:

Anyway, Cyclops' 13th (It had to be an ominous number) involves sending Magick to entreat Cytorrak to strip the Juggernaut of his powers since he was now technically worshiping another god.

We're not quite clear though if Cyclops planned it, or Illayna Rasputin simply manipulated her brother into taking the Juggernaut's power....

But Juggerlossus was born:


FIRST: Maybe it's the brighter colors and metallic silver skin, but we think Colossus looks better than than the Marvel Universe Juggernaut action figure that he's a redeco of.

Of course we would also have wanted to see Colossus in his rage mode Juggerlossus mode (Which looks like a giant crab mated with a Hulk), but this will do - and we never did agree with the "rage monster" look anyway because Cain Marko (To our knowledge) never displayed such a tendency to draw additional mass and become more demonic. Perhaps this has more to do with Colossus' mutant power to draw mass from an extradimensional source. Hopefully he'll figure this out in the future (If he's not too busy snogging with Domino).

SECOND: At certain angles, it looks like the Marvel Universe Infinite Series Colossus / Juggerlossus' face is in agony:

Which we suppose he is given the warring natures that he has inside: His peaceful "Ferdinand the Bull" nature versus the Cytorrak's destroy everything.

THIRD: For a bulky, heavy figure, the  Marvel Universe Infinite Series Colossus / Juggerlossus has incredible articulation:

He's not as incredibly stable or balanced as say the Marvel Universe Rhino action figure, but it's a joy to watch the unstoppable Juggernaut run. He can kneel after a fashion, but then the Juggernaut doesn't kneel - Colossus seems to do it a lot.

FOURTH: The Marvel Universe Infinite Series Colossus / Juggerlossus is an imposingly large figure:

Colossus / Juggerlossus is the same height as his former - and now current again - self, dominates over his former girlfriend (Now Starlord's fiance), and is indeed a nice match for the Red Hulk (Honestly the way Juggerlossus / Colossus lost to the Red Hulk was disappointing - just as bad a Magneto losing to Iron Man):


FIRST: We really do not like that the Marvel Universe Infinite Series Colossus / Juggerlossus is a redeco of Juggernaut - even if he does look better than Cain Marko.

It would really have been nicer - perhaps not cheaper for Disney - to create a new mold.

We definitely see a lot of people taking and modifying this particular mode to create Colossus' "Rage Mode"

Overall though it's a great figure and with the Marvel Universe Infinite Series White Queen, we're another step closer to forming Cyclops' Exinction team (All we need now is Magick, Hope and Danger).

The Marvel Universe Infinite Series Colossus / Juggerlossus was purchased at retail from SM Megamall ToyKingdom for PhP 749.75 (Roughly US$ 16.67). It is not available on Amazon as of this writing.

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