Saturday, September 19, 2015

Marvel Legends Hawkeye

Presenting the Avenger Hawkeye from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Allfather Odin BAF toyline.

To the uninitiated this is Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton AKA Hawkeye: formerly the Golden Archer (Wow); the size changing Goliath; the sword wielding Ronin, and; for a few brief comic book panels - being one of the few people who had the talent enough to wield the shield, Captain America (Fallen Son: Death of Captain America #3). Clint turned it down after getting dressed down by Hawkeye (Kate Bishop). She was able to convince him that assuming the mantle and shield of a dead symbol of hope was wrong. Clint returned the shield to Iron Man - who ended up giving it to Bucky Cap - and Clint joined the Secret Avengers as Ronin.

 We're glad he turned down being Captain America. It just isn't him.

The Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hawkeye's blister pack reads  "A master archer, Hawkeye takes down evil from afar." Wow. Terse. You'd think Disney would have writers who can expound a bit. There's so much that you can say about the Avenger's archer: former Leader of the West Coast Avengers franchise; stalwart critic of Captain America's leadership; former Leader of the Thunderbolts; former criminal.

Hawkeye abandoned this look shortly after Jeremy Renner made the more militartistic for Hawkeye more popular in the Avengers movie. This is also the fourth Marvel Legends Hawkeye: Legendary Riders; Avengers movie Jeremy Renner version; Ultimates version and now this. Honestly this particular Hawkeye looks like a resculpt of the Jeremy Renner version.

You can see the strong jaw of Renner. Unfortunately we're still looking for the Avengers movie Hawkeye version.

The Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hawkeye comes with everything you see here:
  • A removable tabard
  • A compound bow
  • A removable quiver

Nope. Not a single loose arrow.


FIRST: Damn he looks good! We're glad that Marvel / Disney abandoned the deadpan set of faces that plagued the likes of Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Gamora. What we have here is just the right amount of grit and determination built into that solid jaw.

And he does look like Jeremy Renner. Perhaps this was a prototype developed early on when rumors were abound that Renner was going to be donning the Hawkeye mask in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. 

SECOND:We're quite fond of the scale-mail detailing that went into the Marvel Legends Hawkeye's tabard; The leather like detailing of his helmet and quiver; the authentic look of his bow, and; the metallic bindings protective bindings on his right arm.

The man loves purple.

THIRD: Articulation is as excellent. The tabard does not hamper his movement at all. If you don't like it you can actually remove it, but we think that looks funny.  The Marvel Legends Hawkeye can reach back into his quiver and knock the arrow we took off our Play Arts Kai Lara Croft. 

And if needed, the Marvel Legends Hawkeye can kneel:


FIRST: Seriously? No arrow? He can hold an arrow but doesn't come with one? What a let down.

SECOND: That bow. This will come across more as a gripe since we don't have a solution, but we really wish there was a way to make a "working version" of a bow for action figures like Hawkeye or the Green Arrow. It would really be nice if he could pull that string back. A lot of poses we had planned for Hawkeye had to be abandoned given that it looks silly for him not to be able to pull the string of his bow back.

This particular Marvel Legends Infinite Series Allfather Odin BAF Hawkeye figure was purchased from TOy Kingdom for PHP 1,499.75 (Roughly US$ 32). Sadly he's only worth US$ 12.99 (Roughly PhP 592 plus shipping) on Amazon.

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