Wednesday, September 23, 2015

HALO Ghost

Presenting a Covenant Ghost piloted by the SPARTAN Noble 6 from the HALO Reach Toyline..

To the uninitiated, this is the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle or Ghost. The Ghost is powered by a "Boosted Gravity Propulsion drive." In essence it's an armored sled on repulsorlifts.

Quiet, lightly armored but fast (Cruising speed of around 60 kph, capable of boosting up to 90kph in short spurts.)  and decently armed, it's our personal vehicle of choice in the HALO games for two very simple reasons: A) The Ghost can strafe (Literally slide left-to-right while firing) - which no other HALO ground vehicle can do, and; If you get tired of lashing at Covenant forces with the twin Variant Class-2 Energy Weapon Systems, pull the boost trigger and wipe the floor clean of Covenant!

Covenant Ghost: When you need to absolutely, positively have to "mow the lawn." Accept no substitutes.

The HALO Ghost is not as in your face as say.... a Brute Chopper or a Warthog.

It also has an exposed plasma containment vessel that can cause the Ghost to go "Boom!" The Ghost is also quite easy to flip over given the correct terrain or a well placed explosion.

But we suppose that's where the fun lies - in doing something gracefully.

We've enjoyed many hours in HALO breaking the Ghost into  masterful slides, dodging incoming fire while dishing out destruction.


FIRST: As with the HALO 4 Warthog, the detailing behind the HALO Reach Ghost is excellent. We love the exterior skin of the Ghost. a lot of work went into making that smooth, round scale skin.

The detailing continues into the twin Variant Class-2 Energy Weapon Systems. The twin plasma cannons can elevate and lower. If you've played the HALO game then you've probably at one time used the Ghost to take down a Covenant Banshee or take potshots at a troops being deployed from a Covenant Phantom or Spirit.

Even the cushioning of the HALO Ghost looks incredible. It actually looks soft.

Here are those elevating canons:

You can see more of the seat and the incredible detailing when you flip over the Ghost:

Note the vulnerable Plasma Container at the right side of the inverted Ghost.

SECOND: The HALO Reach Ghost has a two more mechanical gimmicks: First is that you can extend the seating so that you can accommodate bigger pilots - such as Covenant Elites. We've heard of tales that you can fit a full Covenant Brute into the control couch.

Second is that you can raise and lower the flaps on the inside of each of the Ghost's wings - the Ghost may never fly, but controlling one it is very much akin to flying an aircraft:

THIRD: The HALO Reach Ghost looks incredible in the hands of a SPARTAN:


FIRST: The control panel. All the beautiful detailing is there, but the color scheme is lazy. The same thing goes for the plasma container on the left side.

At best, this is a Covenant Ghost that is turned off.

We're just used to seeing a glowing control panel every time.

In HALO Reach the plasma container not only glowed, it spun around. And the dashbord of the Ghost changed color and emitted a beeping noise as the vehicle took damage.

This is simply disappointing

SECOND: The rotating joysticks were a pain to put into the hands of a SPARTAN because they kept popping out. In the end, our SPARTANs couldn't really grasp the joystick, but they could hold the ends of the joysticks.

THIRD: Well any sudden stops should result in the SPARTAN's helmet being crushed. He can be seated so that he's higher up, but literally any sudden stop looks dangerous for a SPARTAN:

The HALO Reach Covenant Ghost can be purchased on Amazon for US$ 31.15 (Roughly PhP 1,464 plus shipping). Definitely a great must have for any HALO collector.

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