Thursday, September 10, 2015

Batman Hush Huntress Action Figure

Presenting the Huntress action figure from DC Directs' Batman Hush Toyline.

We weren't actually planning to shoot the Huntress but our trusty six year old Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42 is finally croaking - feels like losing an old friend (One that we kept dropping) - and we needed to test out our options. So these were taken using the 16MP camera of our Samsung Note 4.

Not bad! What do you guys think?

To the uninitiated, this is Helena Rosa Bertinelli, child of a mafia boss. She was a victim of mob related rape at a young age which forced her into a recluse state until she witnessed anther mob related crime - the attempted murder of her entire family. Her bodyguard then trains this shrinking violet into becoming an enforcer out to end all mob activity: the Huntress.

Batman does not approve of the Huntress. He disapproves of the Huntress' unpredictability and tendency for violence. She lost her spot on the Justice League of America because Batman had to stop her from killing an incapacitated Prometheus. Huntress' childhood trauma simply fuels that much rage. Batman has however stated that Helena reminded her of Barbara Gordon back when she was Batgirl.

Speaking of Batgirl, the Huntress actually assumed the Batgirl mantle back during the "No Man's Land" story arc of Batman - til she gets a dressing down (In a sense literally and figuratively) from Batman.

Anyway, this is Huntress as she appeared in the Batman Hush storyline. In the storyline, Huntress comes to Batman's rescue when his batline is cut and he finds himself with a fracture skull surrounded by a street gang in Crime Alley.

Incapacitated, Batman watches her and thinks that the Huntress was "so much like I was when I started out", and "she's better than she knows..." In the story arc, the Huntress continues a crusade against the Scarecrow and ends up in a fight with Catwoman while under the influence of Scarecrow's fear toxin. Ironically her fear induced fantasy reveals Catwoman as her former self versus what she really wants to be: The Batman.

Sadly Helena Rosa Bertinelli seems to completely disappear when the New 52 rolled in. The Huntress mantle was taken over by Earth 2's Helena Wayne - daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Helena Bertinelli became but an alias used by Helena Wayne. The Earth 2 Huntress' exploits continued in World's Finest where she was paired with Power Girl - which we followed for a while hoping for some girl-on-girl action that never came.

What's to like about the Batman Hush Huntress Action Figure? 

FIRST: The Batman Hush Huntress Action Figure is easily one of the sexiest action figures in the market.

The sculpt is based upon the design by Jim Lee who drew the Hush series and she is freaking hot!

Now imagine that dressed as a school teacher - which is what Helena does when she's not stomping rooftops in those boots.

FIRSTThe detailing. A lot of work went into her uniform: look at the stud details on her knee guards; the leather guards on her forearms; the studs on her shoulder-pads, the crescent moons that hold her cape, and her hair! Beautful! Check out her left hand and note the fact that her pinky is raised - she's a lady afterall.

Unfortunately this is DC Direct so the Batman Hush Huntress Action Figure comes with limited articulation:

What's NOT to like about the Batman Hush Huntress Action Figure? 

FIRSTAside from the poor DC Direct Articulation, there is something weak about her plastic. Happily she does not have sticky plastic syndrome, but that left arm is no longer securely attached in place. It came off a long time ago.

Maybe this is why despite the fact that the Huntress Hush Action Figure was released.... what maybe ten years ago?... her resale value on Amazon is quite low.

The Batman Hush Huntress Action Figure is available on Amazon for a depressingly low US $ 29.95 (Roughly PhP 1,407.65).

Expected more for one of the hottest figures in the DC universe.

Not bad for a Samsung Note 4.

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