Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marvel Legends White Tiger

Presenting the White Tiger from the Marvel Legends Rhino BAF toyline.

The White Tigers - and there have many - can trace their origin back to the fabled kingdom of K'un-Lun - (Making them sorta related to the Iron Fists - which probably explains the color scheme).

The White Tigers gain superhuman strength, speed, stamina agility, dexterity, reflexes and reactions, coordination, balance, and endurance, recuperative powers and the ability to blend with their surroundings - like a Tiger would - when they wear the Jade Tiger Amulets (There are three: two claws, and one tiger head). The amulets also make the White Tiger a master of martial arts.

Now, to the uninitiated, this - according to the box, is Angela del Toro, AKA "La Tigresa Blanca" a former FBI agent who was investigating Matt Murdock for allegedly being the Daredevil.  Angela was also driven by the need to find out why her uncle, Hector Ayala - the White Tiger before her, recklessly wasted his life being a super-hero. So ironically, when the White Tiger Amulets were passed on to her, the only person she could go to for advice was the one person she was investigating, Daredevil, who turned her into a hero.

Angela del Toro was killed and resurrected by Lady Bullsye and the Hand, and was not quite able to get rid of their corrupting influence. We're not sure when she stepped down, but she handed the White tiger Amulets over to her.... aunt - Hector Ayala's youngest sister Ava.

Which brings us to this problem: Unless we missed it - which we doubt - this is not the costume used by Angela del Toro, this is the costume used by Ava Ayala. This White tiger is Ava Ayala.

This is not the first time that Marvel has mixed up identities. We spotted a similar problem with the Marvel Universe version of Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. The body sculpt of the White Tiger is also a lot more juvenile than the more robust body of Angela del Toro. The sculpt is closer to the more popular depictions of Ava Ayala as the White Tiger.

                         Angela del Toro                                                      Ava Ayala

But if someone out there does know if Angela del Toro ever donned a full body cat-suit, do let us know. Anyway, her blister card reads "Endowed with martial arts powers by the Jade Tiger amulets, Angela del Toro is White Tiger!"

What's to like about the Marvel Legends White Tiger?

FIRST: The fine sexy teenage body sculpt..... Hmmmm. We'll end there.

The White Tiger is a redecoed Spider-Girl (Marvel Legends Green Goblin BAF series) adding on a new head sculpt and new hands.

But we have to say the body looks better on her than on Spider-Girl's. Maybe it's all the white - check out that bodacious behind!

When we first got her we thought that she would be another bland figure akin to Hellcat which we cited for being nothing special and boring (Hardly a conversation piece). But happily White Tiger is a wonderful looking conversation piece and we wouldn't be surprised to see her rebuilt into a Batgirl figure. Check out how expressive her masked face really is:

The only thing her face seems incapable of saying is "I'm happy!" But then that might be creepy.

SECOND: The Marvel Legends White Tiger is a darling to pose. Yes, she can kneel.

Throw in an action stand:

What's to like about the Marvel Legends White Tiger?

FIRST: The Totem: It's kinda too large for the figure. If that was the actual size of the Jade Totem, it would constantly painfully smack her in the face or strike her breasts - both of which are undesirables for a super-heroine. It also makes super-villains ask - as they are getting pummeled: "What happens if I grab that shiny green thing around her neck?" Perhaps this is why Angela del Toro wore the amulet as a belt instead of around her neck.

It would really have been cool if the totem and her eyes glowed in the dark.

SECOND: Her hair. We tried to twirl it around and apparently it's fixed in place - so it fell out. Major fail.

This particular Marvel Legends White Riger Rhino BAF Action figure was purchased from Toy Kingdom here in Manila for PhP 1,499.75 (Roughly US$  33.32). She is available on Amazon for US$ 29.95 (Roughly PhP 1,347.75 plus shipping). A great figure!

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