Monday, August 3, 2015

JLA Vixen Action Figure

Presenting a Vixen action figure from the Justice League of America toyline.

We're spring cleaning here in the Dungeon and streamlining what we have due to lack of space. It's a shame that toys like this don't see the light of day for years and end up in storage bins simply because we don't have the shelf space for them. So we're putting her on the market to give her a better home.

Anyway to the uninitiated, Vixen is Mari Jiwe McCabe one of the most prominent African Superheroines in the DC Universe. Vixen is a super-fashion model by day and wielder of the Tantu-Totem - a mystical artifact that gives her the ability to mimic the powers of animals - by night.

This action-figure was released in 2009 and depicts Vixen in the uniform she wore when she was a member of the 2008 pre-New 52 Justice League of America team - one of the most powerful Justice League incarnations and the team led by the Black Canary which included Superman, Wonder-Woman, Batman, Black Bolt, Red Arrow, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and the Red Tornado.

Vixen would lead the League following the end of the Final Crisis series when most of the team resigned from active duty.

Though she would step down following having her leg broken by Prometheus in the "Cry for Justice" series, surviving an attack by Despero AND fending off the attack of her deceased former teammates of the Justice League Detroit who had been turned into Black Lanterns.

After the events of the New 52, she would be recruited into the ill-fated Justice League International team of Booster Gold. Unfortunately during the press conference announcing the League, a bomb kills League member Rocket Red and sends the Vixen into a coma,

Vixen has also served with the Suicide Squad, Checkmate and the Ultramarine Corp.

What's to like about the JLA Vixen Action Figure?

FIRST: Vixen's costume. We've always wondered how someone can go into battle knowing that every punch you throw can actually lead to your breasts popping out.

There's even an easy to snag ring on her jumpsuit that can aid in leaving Vixen completely naked. Vixen's animated version is a bit more practical as it ditches the zipper. Her upcoming animated film is even more practical as it completely gets rid of the in-your-face boobage.

Not that we mind Vixen's boobage. It's the most prominent feature in this action figure, next to her SECOND: Facial Sculpt which is super fine:

THIRD: Vixen is one of those rare DC action-figures to incorporate metal into their design. The JLA Vixen action-figure comes with metallic bracelets and a metal ring on her zipper.

What's NOT to like about the JLA Vixen Action Figure?

FIRST: The JLA Vixen Action Figure is from DC. And because it's from DC, it can barely move. Nothing new there, but that is sad considering that animal based characters are usually so lithe and acrobatic in the comic books. What you see here and above is just about the extent of her articulation.

The second problem that we encountered with the JLA Vixen Action Figure is the state I found her in. Despite being packed neatly away in plastic, Vixen acquired sticky-plastic syndrome. Since sticky-plastic syndrome is caused by a number of reasons, we won't really fault the figure for it. An alcohol bath seems to have solved the problem.

The JLA Vixen Action Figure is still available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 69.99 (PhP 3,149.55 plus shipping.) Too bad ours had Sticky-Plastic Syndrome.

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