Monday, August 17, 2015

Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime - KO

Presenting the Transformers Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime - Knock-off (KO).

This is a knock-off (KO) of the 2015 Tokyo Toy Fair Age of Extinction Nemesis Prime that retails on Ebay for around US$ 204 (Roughly PhP 9,188 plus shipping). Obviously we did not feel like spending a small fortune to get one - especially when that small fortune can land us an MP-10. We love the Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, but not that much.

This particular KO Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime was purchased after a trip to the pirate nation of Divisoria - the giant black-market cum shopping mecca of Manila where everything is for sale.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy in the Philippines. It scares the hell out of us being there. Proof enough is that after purchasing this, we got lost and our perfect sense of direction was thrown for a counter-intuitive loop.

The original 2015 Tokyo Toy Fair Age of Extinction Nemesis Prime' blister card reads "Nemesis Prime is a clone of Optimus Prime built by an organization that secretly studies Transformers' technology. When the organization tried to build him, they had made a serious error on the connection between his body and mind, which made him extremely berserk, and free from human control. The mechanical frames,, that form his body, are decaying. As he riots, belching black smoke and evil smell, he has only one thought on his mind: vengeance against those that created such an ugly being."

Damn. Even Takara uses Google Translate. BUT we have to say that that is a better plot for a Transformers movie than what Michael Bay had.

The KO Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime doesn't have a name - but then we cannot read Chinese (? Japanese?) - It's merely tagged as the "Super Speed Deformation Robot Mode Changeable Commemorative Edition". The box - which is a rip-off of the original box - also promotes Stinger as the "Souvenir Edition."

The Commemorative Edition's blister pack reads "In the course of struggle and the bully, in order to protect the beauty of the universe, in order to protect human life safety, automobile deformation robot paid a huge price! By their courage, strength, unity and dauntless faith, a defeated opponent"

That didn't make sense at all.

The blister pack also says "The future war will proceed with out hesitation, auto machine people still standing by the queue of human, fighting and cruelty of bullies, they will win the future to win the respect of the world! Let us look forward to the emergence of various heroes selected to this, applaud cheer!" And "They are the most powerful backing is mankind's most faithful and reliable partner, at the crucial moment, one after another appeared in front of people, so that the crisis was resolved. For the peaceful development of mankind made distinctions won in battle."

We won't even try.

What's to like about the Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime - Knock-off (KO)

FIRST:  It looks good for a knock-off! There are three major differences - ONLY THREE - major differences between the KO Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime and the 2015 Tokyo Toy Fair Age of Extinction Nemesis Prime.

First is that the metallic teal color used in the original has been replaced with a pastel version of teal.

Second is that the "frame" of his upper torso - what forms the sides of his truck mode - is made of die-cast metal. This is both a boon and a bane for us as now the KO version of the Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime arms have ratcheting noises. Personally we think that it makes the same sound as breaking plastic.

Third is that his face - ditches the face mask in favor of the more expressive open face. This fits in more with the idea that he belches "black smoke and evil smell." With the black eye-liner, he looks like a heavy metal rock-star - some of whom really do belch fire and brimstone.

Placed on a shelf, of you had no idea that the teal - not the black, not the crimson - parts were off, you would not be able to tell that it's a KO. It fits in nicely with the rest of one's collection:

SECOND: If you don't mind the ratcheting arms - the sound of which bothers us - then the articulation is just as good as an original Evasion Mode Optimus Prime. We haven't heard on-line of any KO Evasion Mode Optimus Primes breaking - and if you have an original then you know that transforming one can be stressful to plastic - so the KO is quite durable.

Yes, the Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime can kneel:

No we don't do the Iron Man thing.

Here he is next to our AOE Evolutions Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

Here are the two in cab mode:

Hmmmmm. We need a Decepticon logo.

What's NOT to like about the Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime - Knock-off (KO)

FIRST:  Aside from the ratcheting plastic, there are only two things we don't like about the KO Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime, first is that pastel teal color! What's with that? Personally we think it's totally off and will probably take the time to recolor it one day.

SECOND: His rifle. Aside form the teal, the pegs on the side of the rifle are slightly bigger, he can't grip them. There is also a problem with the peg hole on the back of his legs. In cab mode, if you place the rifle there, it will swing loosely.

Other than that, the KO Evasion Mode Nemesis Prime is a must have. Especially for the price of PhP 650 (Roughly US$ 14) - could have been lower if we haggled. Obliviously not available on Amazon.

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