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Combiner Wars Optimus Maximus

Presenting the Transformers Combiner Wars Optimus Maximus!

Or.... The Combiner Wars Sunstreaker, Mirage, Jazz and Ironhide, combined with The Combiner Wars Optimus Prime that has been modified with Reprolabels and further modified with the Perfect Effect Combiner PC-01 Black Hand and Foot Upgrade.

So it's a heavily modified Optimus Maximus.

No the Matrix does not glow, the Reprolabels  are reflective and just caught the light perfectly.

Anyway, Hasbro/Takara decided to go all Bio-Man on Optimus Prime. Since we're not fans of the rainbow coalition (They should have made Hound a member instead of Prowl. Hound is green and the new Optimus prime is white so it would have completed the Bio-Man prism) we're slightly more fond of the Optimus/Aerialbots gestalt.

Since we're featured the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime at least three times now, we'll just skip to the arms and limbs.

Combiner Wars Sunstreaker

The blister pack of Combiner Wars Sunstreaker "A Combiner robot needs contributions from every bot that forms it, and Optimus Maximus is no different. Optimus Prime can bring the courage, Prowl can provide the strategy. Sunstreaker? He makes this Combiner look goooood."

Ah.....No. In fact with that bright canary yellow Sunstreaker stands out like a sore thumb - or a streaker :) 

He is a retool of the Stunticon Combiner Breakdown and transforms into a Lamborghini Gallardo. This particular mode will also be used by Jumpstream one of the Torchbearers that form Victorion from the lost Cybertronian colony of Caminus. 

Combiner Wars Sunstreaker comes armed with a highly polished cyber machete - though honestly it looks more like a rifle which is how we used it - and a double-barreled high-yield electron pulse cannon that forms can be used to form Optimus Maximus' foot or hand.

The back of the comic book that accompanies Combiner Wars Sunstreaker has a psych profile done by Rung - the Autobot Psy-Ops specialist. It says: "Sunstreaker has always enjoyed spending time on Earth, especially since humans tend to stare at him in both robot and vehicle mode. At his spark, Sunstreaker is a courageous and skilled soldier - it's just that his park is covered by the most stunning and shiny metal you've ever seen. The only Cybertronian with nearly the same flash and style is his twin brother Sideswipe. Aside from him being yellow and Sideswipe being red, there's one other easy way to tell them apart. According to Sunstreaker. "I'm the good-looking one." Carries a highly polished cyber machete as well as a high-yield electron pulse cannon capable of firing 300 bursts per second."

Sunstreaker has been an Autobot stalwart: a volunteer for the Ark that first landed on Earth as well as a member of the initial crew aboard the Lost Light spacecraft. He's an interesting study - conceited enough to crash a shuttle while staring at his own reflection, but selfless enough to detonate a bridge alone while his teammates escape. Forms either an arm or a leg of Optimus Maximus, the combined form of Optimus Prime. 

Transformers Combiner Wars Sunstreaker's status is listed as active, and his role is listed as "Warrior."

Combiner Wars Ironhide

The blister pack of this sourly looking Autobot states "The most dependable Autobot warrior would sacrifice his own spark to defend the cause of freedom. With the Combiner Wars raging, it doesn't take much to convince Ironhide to enter the battle as part of Optimus Maximus."

Despite the fact that Ironhide is a retool of the Stunticon Offroad - whose mold was also used and retooled to become the Protectobot First Aid - we like him for how surly he looks Ironhide simply looks pissed that he was retooled.

Ironhide transforms into a 4x4 double-cab pickup truck that is similar to the Topkick that he transforms into in the movies - before he died. The Transformers Combiner Wars Ironhide comes armed with an axe and a super-cooled nitrogen/white-hot molten lead dual cannon that transforms into Optimus Maximus' foot or arm. Here's the thing though, supposedly you can mount the cannon onto IronHide's truck bed to form an engine block, but we haven't figured out how to.

The back of the comic book that accompanies Combiner Wars IronHide has a psych profile done by Rung - the Autobot Psy-Ops specialist. It says: "If Cybetron had cowboys, Ironhide would have been a sheriff. A beloved and respected hero. Ironhide has been at the front of the Autobot charge since the very beginning. Equal parts warrior, bodyguard, and drill sergeant, his indomitable will and legendary toughness continue to be an inspiration to the Autobot forces. His dual cannon is one of the most interesting Cybertronian weapons - capable of blasting super-cooled nitrogen and white-hot molten lead. The defining attribute of Ironhide is his trithylium-plated armor, which makes him almost impervious to artillery fire and edged weapons. A steel will wrapped in impenetrable armor? Yup - that's why they call him Ironhide. 

Optimus Prime inspires tremendous loyalty and awe in the Autobots, but there's no one they'd rather fight beside (or behind) than Ironhide. The legendary toughness of this old warhorse has steadied many a young soldier and turned the tide of countless conflicts over the centuries."

Transformers Combiner Wars IronHide's status is listed as active, and his role is listed as "Security."

Combiner Wars Mirage

The blister pack of Transformers Combiner Wars Mirage reads "Put the cloaking power of Mirage in the hands of a Combiner and look out - that's 30 tons of steel sneaking up behind you and walloping you with a punch you can't see coming. The Decepticons won't now what hit them."

So. Optimus Maximus can turn invisible and weighs only 30 tons.

Combiner wars Mirage is a redeco of the Stunticon Dragstrip who we have reviewed in the past since he was a part of our original review involving Combiner Wars Optimus Prime combining with Dragstrip what Aerialbots we had at the time.

Mirage comes armed with sword and a double barreled rocket dart launcher that transforms into either a hand or foot for Optimus Maximus.

The back of the comic book that accompanies Combiner Wars Mirage has a psych profile done by Rung - the Autobot Psy-Ops specialist. It says: "One of the original Autobots that arrived on Earth. Mirage has beenn on the front lines of the Great War for millions of years. His electro-disruption camouflage ability has enabled hi to survive firefights other bots wouldn't dare to enter. Mirage has always been loyal to the Autobot cause, but he questions the nature of war itself - often publicly challenging Autobot authority in wondering if there couldn't be a better way to settle the never-ending conflict with the Decepticons. His stealth capability allows hi to achieve almost complete invisibility, but the severe Energon drain gives him a six minute maximum. 

Mirage has always been an outsider among the Autobot forces. Before the war, Mirage enjoyed vast riches on Cybertron, a fact that his teammates seem to hold against him. Given his wealthy background, ability to cloak his presence and propensity for questioning the overall purpose of war, it's no surprise he's considered a bit of a lone wolf."

Transformers Combiner Wars Mirage's status is listed as active, and his role is listed as "Infiltration."

Combiner Wars Prowl

The blister pack of Transformers Combiner Wars Prowl reads "The Autobot military strategist is a critical part of Optimus Maximus. If his strategic skill can successfully combine with the courage of Optimus Prime, it would make Optimus Maximus almost unstoppable in battle."

Prowl is actually the reason why Optimus Maximus was formed and for a short period was actually in command of the gestalt. We'll talk more about that later.

Combiner Wars Prowl is a redeco of the Combiner Wars Protectobot Streetwise and comes armed with an acid core blaster - which is ironic because in the 1986 movie, Prowl was killed by the Decepticons and was smoking from his core as if he was shot with acid - and a dual missile launcher.

The back of the comic book that accompanies Combiner Wars Prowl has a psych profile done by Rung - the Autobot Psy-Ops specialist. It says: "Prowl possesses the most complex and comprehensive analytical mind on record - he has the ability to simultaneously track the current position of over 8 million objects in motion, as well as predict their future locations with stunning accuracy. His logic processors make his counsel indispensable to Autobot High Command. (Now if he could just get the troops to follow his thorough plans more carefully...). Prowl has been devising ways to finish theis war for millions of years, only to see the passion and courage of the Autobots trump his results-based planning time and again. It's enough to make a bot flip a table over now and then. His dual missile launchers aren't half as dangerous as the acid core rounds he fires from his blaster.

Prowl first earned his reputation for thorough analysis working for the Mechaforensics Division on the Iaconian Police Force. He spent many years on Earth later in his career, finding the moral grayness of the planet troublesome, as Prowl is a bot whose optics view the universe in black and white."

Kinda looks like Richard Gere with a helmet.

What's to like about Optimus Maximus?

FIRST: His origin story. Pure accident? Or Prowl planned everything? In the comic books, Prowl really isn't happy with the peace under the leadership of Starscream, and is still struggling to usurp him. When Caminus is annexed, Prowl is finally arrested but still manages to trick Rattrap into bringing him the "Enigma of Combination" When his friends visit, he exposes them all to the energies within the Enigma creating Optimus Maximus with Prowl in command - though that doesn't last and when the crisis is finally over Prowl is again arrested and the Aerialbot gestalt Superion commented that they may never see Optimus Maximus again.

We love that it's all an accident and really wasn't planned. The five wrestled for control and were getting their asses handed to them by n unimpressed Devastator and Menasor - even with the help of Superion and Defensor. Until Optimus Prime and Prowl came to terms with their warring ideologies. This also probably explains why the torso - Optimus Prime - of Optimus Maximus is white, Prowl is in control.

SECOND: As with Superion and our Optimus Prime/Aerialbots gestalt, articulation is excellent and the limbs are secure and firm in place. The only loose parts when we were shooting came from the Perfect Effect add-on hands and feet. Optimus Maximus can kneel.

THIRD: Optimus Maximus looks waaay better if you switch out the arms and legs because now he has broader shoulders:

What's NOT to like about Optimus Maximus?

FIRST: Optimus Maximus has such a whimpy looking weapon. He needs something with more... oomph. When we combined him with Superion at least he had the additional girth of Superion's rifle. But we suppose Combiners do tend to do a lot of hand-to-hand rather than spend time shooting at each other.

But if you were to take a look at the comic book art, Optimus Maximus comes with a rather large gun.

SECOND: Optimus Maximus remains top heavy, thin to look at from the sides and that leg/hip problem continues to hound it.

In the end.... well it's a Prime and involve some of the most loved characters in the Transformers Universe, but this Combiners thingee is starting to get old.

The limbs of this particular Optimus Maximus were purchased via a barter agreement with a fellow collector so they did not cost me anything. However, was available in small quantities in Toy Kingdom here in the Philippines for PhP 799.75 (Roughly 17.77) per limb. Prowl and Sunstreaker are available on Amazon for a whopping US$ 25.75 (Roughly PhP 1,158.75 plus shipping). Ironhide is cheaper and available on Amazon for US$ 16.99 (Roughly PhP 764.55 plus shipping). Combiner Wars Mirage surprised us at being available for US$ 32.98 (Roughly PhP 1,484.10 plus shipping)

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