Friday, June 5, 2015

STAR WARS Bounty Hunter Embo

Presenting the Bounty Hunter Embo from the Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Series.

We remember the first time we saw the bounty hunter called Embo. He was chasing after Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala and Rush Clovis on the planet Scipio in Season 6 of the Clone Wars. The three were getting away on a make-shift sled and we thought "Embo's going to snowboard after them on that silly hat of his."

And he did.

Yeah it was silly. But it was also very cool and we were quite impressed by his resilience, ability to improvise and ability to keep up with a Jedi Knight.

That and he was nice to his Anooba (A wolf like native of Tatooine), Marrok.

It's too bad this action figure of the Bounty Hunter Embo did not come with Marrok.

We later saw the earlier appearances of the Kyuzo Bounty Hunter Embo where he used his hat as a shield - rushing his opponents with head down. Blaster bolts would do nothing more than bounce off and leave scorch marks.

Historically, there is a precedence to the military use of a helmet as a shield. Saracens used helmets with shields attached to help keep them busy while they did other things during castle sieges.

But we've never seen anyone dance through the air while using his head as a shield.

Pretty cool.

Embo was considered second only to the Bounty Hunter Cad Bane.

He stood as a punching bag against Savage Opress surviving only by the virtue of his helmet. He did eventually retreat when it became evident that victory was not possible - Savage was not using his lightsaber.

What's to like about the STAR WARS Bounty Hunter Embo Action Figure?

FIRST: The weapons. Bounty Hunter Embo's weapons are confined to a bandolier and includes a modified Bowcaster and a pair of daggers/throwing knives. The "cross" of the bandolier folds allowing for easy storage at his back via a peg n the bowcaster.

Bounty Hunter Embo can reach back there to grab the bowcaster, but he cannot reach back there to get his knives.

Bounty Hunter Embo can dual wield his bowcaster, but cannot look down the scope.

He can come close to it though:

Bounty Hunter Embo can single wield his bowcaster which he does in the cartoons:

But a bowcaster is best used with both arms:

The Star Wars Bounty Hunter Embo has difficulty kneeling - in fact that's not really a kneel, it's a cheat of sorts - mostly due to the fact that this is an animated version of the character and not a Vintage or Black series version that we've come to enjoy and love.

As mentioned Bounty Hunter Embo cannot reach his knives, but he can use them:

We don't remember them using it though in the cartoons. 

SECOND: The hat! To have him snowboard, you will unfortunately have to use a little bit of blue-tack to hold the head in place:

As mentioned Embo can use his hat as a shield:

Bounty Hunter Embo also threw around his hat-shield like Captain America would when he went up against Savage Opress - but he can't really do it without a little blue tack:

What's NOT to like about the STAR WARS Bounty Hunter Embo Action Figure?

FIRST: His face. Embo's face is not as detailed as we would like it to be. It looks a little lazily made actually - the creases on his face should be deeper, sharper, and his eyes are crystaline. It might be worth trying to repaint him as Embo appears ashen gray, not alien-green.

This is what he should look like:

SECOND: But this one is a matter of opinion, we think his hat should be a little bigger.

This particular Embo was purchased on sale for less than PhP 500 (Roughly US$ 10). He's available on Amazon for US$ 31.95 (Roughly US$ 1,437.75 plus shipping). We guess he got rare.

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